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How to Draw a Ship

Updated on January 29, 2018
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unvrso likes to do drawings and crafts. Jose Juan Gutierrez has been writing for HubPages since 2009

ships are very large boats that are used in a variety of ways. There are many types of ships. Some ships are used for the transport of cargo, others are used for pleasure, such as cruise ships, and many others are used for fishing and war.

Ships abound on the oceans. There are small, medium and very large ships. Ships were used in antiquity for exploration. Today, many ships are used for commercial, technological and scientific purposes. Throughout this hub, I´m going to show you how to draw a ship with some easy steps in MS Paint from Windows.

Things Needed to Draw a Ship

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Sketch of a ship
  • MS Paint

Sketch of a Ship

Sketch of a Ship
Sketch of a Ship | Source

How to draw a ship Step by Step

Start the drawing of your ship by opening MS Paint. Now select the curve tool and draw a 30 degree line across MS Paint´s working area; make the leftmost part of that line curved by clicking and draging on the line; draw another line starting from the leftmost part of the first line and extend it just one third of the first line´s length; draw two lines, one extending down from the stern and another extending down at the ship´s bow; make both lines curved by clicking and draging on them. Join these two lines with a straight line.

Drawing technology

In the present, you´ll find many programs for drawing. Some are equiped with some good features for creating great drawings. For android there is artflow and paperone and for ios, those such as procreate and comic draw. These are just a few for creating some artistic drawing creations.

Ship´s Hull
Ship´s Hull | Source

Draw a curved line at the ship´s propeller site, and then, draw a straight line to connect this line to the ship´s bow. Now it´s time to draw the ship´s superstructure. Draw a short 45 degree line on the left side of the ship´s deck; draw three small curved lines and six long straight lines extending across the ship to draw the passenger cabins. Following the ship´s design, draw three curved and long straight lines on top of the ship, matching these lines with the passenger cabins.

Passenger Cabins
Passenger Cabins | Source

Now it´s time to begin detailing your ship. Join the unconnected lines on top and in the rear side of the ship. Select the rounded rectangle tool and draw small rectangles all along the ship´s cabin areas. Select the curve tool and draw small curved lines for the crew´s cabins on top of the ship.

Passenger and Crew´s Cabins
Passenger and Crew´s Cabins | Source

With the straight line tool selected, draw a ship´s funnel on the top right side of the ship; with the straight line selected, draw a satellite communications antenna. Use the ellipse tool to draw two satellite dishes and use the straight line tool to draw a couple of cables on the second antenna.

Satellite Antennas
Satellite Antennas | Source

Additional windows and cabins can be drawn by selecting the straight line tool and a thicker line size; erase some parts in between the lines to make several windows and cabins.

Additional Cabins
Additional Cabins | Source

Now, you can add color to your drawing. Begin by coloring the ship´s funnel with any color of your choice; select a blue color for the ocean and outline some mountains in the background; you may use any color for the mountains. I chose a dark green for this project.

Finally, select the airbrush tool and a white color to draw the bubbles made by the ship´s propeller on the ocean.

Adding color to the Ship
Adding color to the Ship | Source


You can add more features to your ship; for example, more passenger cabins, rescue lifeboats and even people on board the ship.

You may also try coloring different parts of the ship with different colors until you find the colors that most appeal to you.

© 2013 Jose Juan Gutierrez


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