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How to Draw a Shotgun

Updated on February 28, 2013

You Can Easily Draw a Shotgun in Just a Few Steps...

Drawing does not have to be out of reach for anyone. Over the years, I have taught many people to draw - some of them with absolutely no apparent drawing ability in the beginning.

Drawing simpler items like this shotgun will help you to develop your drawing ability and become a better, more accomplished artist. Anyone can do it, so why not give it a try?

In order to draw a shotgun, just look at the basic shapes. As with any drawing, all you need to do is break the complex image down into smaller, simpler shapes.

In the shotgun, you see some pretty basic shapes like rectangles, semicircles and even a triangle.

If you've got your sharpened pencil and a few pieces of paper, let's get started...


Step 1: Start With a Basic Rectangle

If you llok closely at the shotgun, you see one of the most basic shapes is the barrel.

It's just a long rectangle shape.

You can draw two long horizontal lines and then connect them on each end to make this long rectangle as shown.

Pretty simple, right?

Step 2: Drawing the Stock

The area just behind the shotgun barrel is known as the stock.

This is the handle of the shotgun that fits up against the shoulder when it is fired.

For this step, simply draw two semi-circular shapes as shown.

Step 3: Continue Drawing the Stock

From those 2 semi-circles, you're going to draw two lines very similar in shape.

Note that both of these lines begin at the left end of each semi-cricle.

These lines are also similar in length.

If you can make it through this step, the most difficult part is behind you - C'mon, you can do this!

Step 4: Finish the Stock

OK, now you're going to draw two slightly curved vertical lines very close together.

These two lines connect at the top line and the bottom line you drew previously.

These lines represent the plastic or rubber cap on the end of the shotgun stock.

How does your shotgun look so far?

Step 5: Draw the Shotgun Frame

This is a super easy step.

All you need to do is draw a single line from about mid way under the barrel (your long rectangle).

This line should extend over to meet the bottom semi-circular line on the stock, as shown.

Step 6: Draw the Trigger and Trigger Guard

For this step, start drawing from the same point where your last line met the bottom semi-circle of the stock.

Carefully draw a small half-circle to represent the trigger guard.

In the middle of that half circle, drop a curved line down from the bottom of the shotgun as shown - this is your trigger.

Step 7: Draw the Forestock

This part of the shotgun is known as the "forestock" or "fore-end."

Again, this is just a series of basic rectangles.

The forestock can be different lengths and even in a slightly different position than shown here.

For our drawing today, just draw the forestock as shown.

Step 8: Add Texture to the Forestock

For this step, just draw a series of evenly spaced vertical lines.

These lines represent the grooves in the forestock. These grooves provide a sure grip when sliding this part between shots.

Step 9: Add the Front Sight

On the top front of the shotgun barrel is the front sight.

This is simply a slender wedge of metal that is used to help aim the weapon.

To draw this part, simply make a tiny half-circle or stubby triangle as shown.

Step 10: Add Shading

For this step, simply start coloring in the stock on the shotgun.

You might want to make the edge of your pencil a bit flatter by rubbing the lead back and forth repeatedly on a different piece of paper.

This will make a nice flat edge on the pencil lead making it easier to add the shading.

Final Step: Add Details

Well, your shotgun drawing is almost finished.

You just need to finish the shading and add whatever details you like at this point.

That's it -Step back and take a look. How does your drawing look?

Remember, drawing is simply making a bunch of shapes that fit together in a certain way. Drawings like this do look complex at first but are basically simple.

It's perfectly normal to get frustrated at first. You may need to draw something many times until you get it right. The fun of drawing is in the journey as well as the end result!

Guess what? - the more you practice, the easier drawing becomes.

I wish you the best with your drawing!


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    • MKayo profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Texas

      Hey, glad you found the tutorial helpful thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kind comment.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      This shotgun is AWESOME because it simple and really turns out good. :)

    • MKayo profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Texas

      Wonder wool - my biggest drawing tutorial fan! Thanks for stopping by to comment and leave a nice comment. I would to love to know how the dragon turns out! Thanks.

    • Wonder wool profile image

      Priyanka Estambale 

      5 years ago from United States

      This is so cool! Loved it! My brother loved your drawings, he was surely impressed with the Dragon which he intends to try!


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