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How to Fold a Fast Paper Airplane

Updated on May 26, 2013

You probably had fun as a child with all kinds of toys that your parents bought for you. And you also most likely had fun creating and designing your own playing toys. There are a wide variety of artifices from which one can rely on to come up with the most attractive and unimaginable toys.

A child who is full of curiosity can design toys from materials that are found around the house. Sometimes, the most simple materials can be used to build toys, ranging from very simple to the most specialized. A simple sheet of paper can be used to make toys, including boats or airplanes. In this hub, I'm going to show you how to make a fast paper airplane.

Things Needed to Make a Fast Paper Airplane

  • 8.5 by 11 inch Piece of paper
  • A flat table
  • Transparent masking tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Start the design of your airplane by placing the sheet of paper over the table; now, fold lengthwise exactly in the middle; mark one inch from the fold upwards on both sides; unfold the sheet of paper; you should have a sheet of paper that looks exactly as the one below.

This will be the lower part of the airplane, containing the cockpit, fuselage and the passenger´s section and cargo.

One inch
One inch | Source

Now, fold both corners of the sheet of paper, matching these corners with the edge of the center line.

Fold down the corners
Fold down the corners | Source

Measure one inch in one of the corners at the rear of the airplane; use the ruler to make another fold extending from the nose of the airplane along part of the wing, so that the hypotenuse of the triangle matches the center line. Measure and fold the other side of the airplane.

Fold with the Ruler
Fold with the Ruler | Source

Fold the airplane´s wings at the center line matching this fold with the nose of the plane.

Fold at the center
Fold at the center | Source

Place the paper airplane with the top part flat with the table.

Two folds
Two folds | Source

Unfold both wings at the one inch mark made at the beginning of the design of this airplane.

Unfold two wings
Unfold two wings | Source

You might want to put a piece of transparent masking tape at the nose of the plane and another at the rear of the airplane to bring the wings in a horizontal position.

Paper Airplane
Paper Airplane | Source

After placing the tape on both ends of the plane, you can press against the wings to shape them as you please. If you shape your airplane´s wings in a horizontal position, your airplane might be able to fly better, but you might also try other angles until you come up with the one that gives you the best results when flying your airplane.

Once you´ve made all the folds in your paper airplane, it´s time to make it fly. Try to find a place where there is little or no wind blowing. This will permit your plane to achieve very long flying distances.


To achieve a better flying distance, you might want to throw your airplane in the direction of a wind gust, as the wind´s friction may work against the airplane´s path.

If you can, try to throw your paper airplane from a very high hill, you´ll enjoy watching your plane flying down hill.


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