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How to Fold an Origami Kite Base

Updated on June 19, 2013

Bases are the building blocks of origami. Most projects begin by folding a common base form. In projects for beginners, the steps for folding a base are often explained. In intermediate or advanced projects, however, the form will simply be referred to by name.

Origami Kite Base Instructions

A kite base gets its name because it looks like a kite when you are done folding it.

To make a kite base:

  1. Place your square origami paper in front of you with the white side face up.
  2. Fold the paper in half diagonally.
  3. Unfold.
  4. Fold the bottom left corner in to meet the center crease.
  5. Fold the top right corner in to meet the center crease.

How to Make an Origami Diamond Base

Do not confuse an origami kite base with the origami diamond base. A diamond base is a kite base that that has the two shorter sides folded in to meet the center crease. Thus, the finished base looks like a diamond.

Video Instructions for Kite Base and Diamond Base


How to Make an Origami Ghost

If you know how to fold an origami kite base, you can make a simple paper ghost for Halloween. This is great project for children learning origami. You can also use it to embellish handmade cards or scrapbook pages.

Visit About Origami for Origami Ghost Instructions.


How to Make an Origami Lovebird

An origami lovebird is another simple paper folding project made using the kite base. Adding google eyes and drawing details on the bird with marker gives it a more realistic appearance.

Visit About Origami to learn about Folding Origami Lovebirds.


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