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How to Install Fonts on Photoshop

Updated on April 18, 2011

Many a time, you would want to add new fonts that will suit your image. If you are not satisfied with the default fonts that are available in windows you can get many more online. Whenever you insert text into your image, you have the option of selecting these fonts as well. This guide will work if you use a Photoshop alternative as well.

Just follow these simple steps to find out:

1. Search for free fonts online and you will get thousands of sites offering fonts. Research through them and find those you wish to add into your image. Download those fonts and save them in any folder on your hard drive.

2. Now go to Start --> Control Panel and open the 'fonts' folder (by double clicking) and go to the File menu. Now click on "Install new font" here.

3. Now select the fonts you downloaded and install them. You can also install them from a CD, if you got fonts in a CD.

4. Select the TrueType or OpenType font which you want to install and then click "Ok".

5. This will install the fonts in your windows and Photoshop will also add them to its list of fonts, so you can use them.

From now onwards, whenever you add text in a Photoshop image, you will also see your new fonts in the list of fonts and you can then seamlessly apply that font to the text you write.


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