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How to Locate Easy Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Updated on September 14, 2011

How to locate easy crochet patterns for beginners is actually a lot easier than it sounds like it would be. If you are just beginning to learn how to crochet you are probably like I was when I first learned this fine art and that is wondering where to find patterns that were within the realm of my skill level. Well, I am sure that you have probably been looking for some easy crochet patterns for beginners which is how you ended up on my article and I will share some of the places that I learned to look for easy crochet patterns for beginners that helped me increase in my skill level and be able to enjoy some of the wonderful items that I have now made and even sold at some local craft shows to generate some extra income.

The first place that you can look for when you are trying to locate easy crochet patterns for beginners would be to look at your local store that you get your yarn from. If the store is a speciality craft store they will normally have the patterns hanging up around the yarn section. You will want to take caution and not make some of the same mistakes that I did and grab all that is available only to find out that half of them are knitting patterns! Which if you know how to knit is fine, but as a beginner crocheter this is not what you want. You will also want to check the skill level to ensure that you find easy crochet patterns for beginners.

The second place that you can look is at a wide variety of books and other resources that are available. This can include books in the electronic format that you can download onto your computer instantly and it can also include books that are in print which you can find widely available at almost any bookstore and craft store. Since they are speciality items though I will warn you that you can easily run up a huge bill on just a couple of books. However, the books are very in depth and will teach you all that you need to know when you are looking for easy crochet patterns for beginners even to the point of teaching you the new stitches that you need to know.

The third place to consult when you are looking for easy crochet patterns for beginners would be to the person that is teaching you how to crochet. The person that is teaching you how to crochet will normally be able to teach you patterns that they have learned and be able to teach them to you quickly and easily. However, you will want to remember that since you are still learning you will not want to get frustrated with your teacher.

While as a beginner you will be looking constantly for ways to find easy crochet patterns you will also want to remember to make a wide use of all the resources that you have available. Just remember that you want your crocheting to be fun and a constant learning experience for you. That way you can start making your crocheted items for you, your family, friends and most of all for use that you can love.

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