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How to Make 3 Peas in a Pod Packaging for Bath Bombs

Updated on January 28, 2010

3 Peas in a Pod Bath Bomb Packaging

I will crop this picture soon. See the bath bombs in the green tissue paper that looks like a pod with peas in it, that's what they look like.
I will crop this picture soon. See the bath bombs in the green tissue paper that looks like a pod with peas in it, that's what they look like.

Great ideas for craft festivals in the spring and summer! Cute packaging for your handmade bath bombs.

Since there are already some fantastic bath bomb recipes on hubpages I will skip that part and get straight to the how to instructions of the packaging. All you need for this easy project is 3 medium sized shrink wrapped bath bombs in green, green tissue paper, and whatever kind of ribbon you want (I used green and white gingham material and ripped them into ribbons). The green tissue paper can be various shades of green if you wanted, which will give you a contrast of lights and dark in your pod. I just used a darker green color for mine.

All I did to make the pod was take 2 sheets of green tissue paper and cut them in half. I stacked them on top of each other so it would make the packaging firm enough to put the bath bombs in. I put my three medium sized bath bombs in a straight line on the longer side of the tissue paper in the center. Then, I turned both of the longer sides of the tissue paper in so it will have a nice seam and it looks like a pod with peas in it when it is finished.

To enclose the 3 peas (bath bombs) in the pod packaging you gather each side of the bath bombs fairly snug against the bath bombs until it looks like a wrapped piece of candy. Tie your ribbon around each side of your pea pod ends so the peas will stay in their pod and tie a bow in the ribbon. Take a pair of scissors and cut the ends of the tissue paper to however long you want them and tweak it so it looks like you have 3 peas poking through it's pod.

The scent I used for my bath bombs was Sweet Pea& Me by Millcreek Soy Wax. This is an awesome spring and summer scent which is body safe. I also liked the play on words.

Other tissue paper bath bomb packaging ideas!

As you seen in the picture above I have wrapped some bath bombs in tissue paper and tied a ribbon around it and tied it in a bow. Then you cut the gathered ends of the tissue paper as long as you want. This is a great way to wrap your large bath bombs for Easter, or for giving gifts because of all the various patterns and colors of tissue paper. Other variations for this idea is to add some beautiful ribbon and a rose in the center. You can easily put your own personal touch to this idea.

I will be adding some pictures very soon so these instructions will be easier to follow.


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