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How to Make A Fireball That You Can Hold!

Updated on September 21, 2011
This is what your finished product is capable of!
This is what your finished product is capable of!

Ever think it would be really cool to hold a ball of fire in your hands? Well, prepare to wow your friends with this little trick! If done correctly, you will be able to create a small ball of fire that is cool enough for you to hold in your hand!

You will need a couple household materials to build your homemade fireball. Be sure to have a small piece of cloth, something like a square of and old sock or t-shirt would be perfect. Also, you will need some string and a little bit of butane. Finally, we can't make fire without a match or lighter! (Well, we can, but we don't have all day here.) For those of us who do not have these supplies lying around the house, you can get some butane for cheap at your local store!

Now, time to get to the construction. The process required for the creation of this little ball of fun does not take much time or effort.

1.) Take a small piece of cloth; a couple square inches should be fine.

2.) Roll up the ball of cloth as tight as possible, and tie the string around the little ball even tighter. The ball shouldn't be too much bigger than a quarter.

3.) Drizzle an ounce or two of butane on the little ball of cloth. Not too much, or else the flame will be too big and too hot.

4.) Carefully light the damp ball of cloth with your lighter or matches. Allow the ball to burn for a second, and there ya go! The ball of fire will be warm, but not unbearably hot! Pick it up, throw it around, amaze your friends, and have fun!

***BE CAREFUL!*** Young children and those who are inexperienced with fire should not do this!


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      Bam 6 years ago

      Wow this isn't dumb