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How to Make Hooded Towels

Updated on December 6, 2012
Finished towels hanging in the bathroom
Finished towels hanging in the bathroom | Source

Hooded Towels

My kids love their hooded towels and they work really well to get their hair dry and wrap them up warmly after their bath. I just redid the kids bathroom and really wanted towels that matched my new updated style. Off to the store I went to find some towels in the right colors. Each hooded towels consists of a washcloth and a towel. My kids are getting bigger and so I picked larger bath sheet towels.

I got these towels and wash clothes at target. The towels were 4.99 each and the wash clothes were 2.99 each. So the hooded towels cost me around $8 each.

Fold washcloth in half and sew single seam
Fold washcloth in half and sew single seam | Source
Sew the hood onto the towel
Sew the hood onto the towel | Source
Hood sewed on
Hood sewed on | Source

Getting Ready to Sew Them Together

These hooded towels take about 5 minutes to make and one require two seams for each one.

Take the washcloth and fold it in half with the finished side in. Make one seam from middle to edge.

Turn the piece inside out and you have the hood. Lay the towel out with the finished side up. Lay the hood on top and pin it to the middle of the towels. Sew it to the towel from one side to the other.

I wash the towels after I have sewn them and hang them up on their knobs in the bathroom.


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