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How to Make Lavender Sachets/Fun For Kids

Updated on March 15, 2013


Kids and Lavender

During the summer I keep my daughters busy working and playing on my parents' lavender farm in Stagecoach, Nevada. The children help their grandmother and I gather lavender, bunch it together, hang it, and make sachets. During June and July the lavender bloom brings the desert alive with activity. Birds and bees flock to the patch amidst a sandy desert background. Most of the products we make are easy and fun to do just requiring a little preparation beforehand. Sachets make wonder gifts for birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, and Mother’s day.

Items you will need:

  1. Lavender Plant (If you do not have a lavender plant, you can buy the lavender buds from a local craft store or online).
  2. Garden clippers
  3. Small, polyester bag 3x4 inch
  4. Sifter (Kitchen colander works the best)
  5. Large bin
  6. Rubber bands

Two weeks before starting this project.

  1. Cut the lavender plant before the flowers bloom.
    1. Cut 10 or more peduncles (stems) where the stem meets the top of the plant.
    2. Using rubber bands, group the lavender stems and buds together.
    3. Hang the bunch upside-down in a dry, well-ventilated area for two to three weeks.

Information: Drying lavender upside-down allows the oil to move from the peduncle (stem) to the bud.

  • Get the dried lavender plant down
  • Remove the rubber band.
  • In a large bin or barrel beat the dried lavender on the side of the barrel to release the lavender buds. Kids love this. My three oldest kids have a contest to see who can fill their bin first.

IDEA: Keep the stems and place the stems in your BBQ for a fantastic nostalgic flavor. The stems of the lavender plant can be positioned in a fireplace, giving the entire house a sweet aroma.

  • The buds need to be sifted twice.
  • Place the colander over newspaper and puts the buds in.
  • The first sift removes all stems, small rocks, and leaves.
  • The second sift removes all other debris.
  • ¼ cup of buds per bag, and you are done.

This project is recommended for children five and up. Lavender sachet can stay fresh for years. As the sent fads squeeze the sachet to release more oil. Sachets are used in small areas to deodorize and freshen. A great place to put a sachet is in a linen drawer, undergarment, or clothing drawer. Lavender is used as a sleep aid and can be placed near or under the child’s pillow.

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    • uzzell4me profile image

      Diana Uzzell 5 years ago from Dayton, NV

      I don't know. I know in the US lavender loves a town called Sequim, Washington right off the Pacific Ocean. The rainfall is great there, though the temperatures are cool most of the year. You should give it a try. Also test your soil. Lavender does not like its feet (roots) wet, so good drainage is essential. You can get around that too with raised flower beds. Malaysia is such a beautiful place, I've never been though the pictures are lovely.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      wonderful tips and well written instructions. We don't have lavender in our country. Mostly purchase them in stores. I don't think so this flowers could grow in hot tropical country like malaysia. Voted up