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How to Make Money Selling Your Crafts!

Updated on September 23, 2011

So, you've created tons of pieces of jewelry, made dozens upon dozens of candles, etched more pieces of glass than you care to remember and now it's all sitting in your garage taking up space. Well, here is an idea, sell it! That's right, if you have a skill, some patience, some computer, photography and the very basic of accounting skills, you can sell your crafts online!

Finding all of the sites and directories where you can actually sell your items can be daunting task. This task alone makes more people quit than any other! I have been so kind as to compile a list of online venues where you can list your items and sell them for cold hard cash! As with everything, with hard work comes rewards. This isn't a get rich quick scheme so do not expect to list items today and receive deposits in your PayPal account tomorrow! Nope, doesn't work like that. At list with this list, you can decide which sites you would like to give a try and which sites you might think aren't worth your time. Remember, choosing where to sell online isn't even HALF the battle, but it's a start!

Crafts Sites

Below is a list of online sites where you can list and sell your crafts for profit. This is not a complte list but it will get your started in the right direction!

  1. Etsy - Etsy is the most popular site for buyers and seller alike. Etsy charges .20 for each item listed and 3.5% of the total selling price of your item. Your listings stay up for 4 months. Not bad.
  2. Artfire - Artfire is second to Etsy in the amount of traffic received. Artfire charges a flat $9.95 per month to list as many items as you like. There is no fee per item to list and Artfire does not take a percentage of the final sale.
  3. Madeitmyself - MadeItMyself is inspired by Ebay. Just like the others, you post your items for sell and an interested buyer purchases it. They do charge a small listing fee (which has been waved until further notice) and a 3% fee on sold items. This site is not as popular as Etsy and Artfire but definitely worth a try.
  4. Ruby Lane - Ruby Lane caters to a bit of a different crowd. Items listed on this site are rather pricey and they allow the sale of vintage items as well. There is a $75.00 start up fee for this site and they have to approve your shop before you can sell anything. If you have rare, vintage items that are hold significant value, this site is for you.
  5. Silkfair - It's free to sign up for this one and there are a few different plans that are available, depending upon the amount of support you want and how many items you want to list. There is a transaction fee of 3.0% for each item listed. I've personally never used SilkFair but I think I may give it a try in thr future. Worth a try.
  6. Ebay - This one as we all know is self-explanatory. It is a great site to sell your handmade goods if you have something that really stands out. Otherwise, you will get lost at sea!

This is just a beginners list of sites where you can list your handmade items! There are lots more out there!!!

How to set up an Etsy shop!


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    • sassyabby1 profile image

      sassyabby1 6 years ago from ATL

      RTalloni - I know how life can get in the way! I have an 11 year old and a 2 year old, I work full-time and what started as a part-time gig on Etsy has turned into double full-time! But focus and determination are key! Check out Artfire! Thank you for the vote and the bookmark!

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for the list of sellers--I've been wanting to check out Artfire for some time. Life gets in the way, but eventually...

      Voted up and bookmarked.

    • sassyabby1 profile image

      sassyabby1 6 years ago from ATL

      Tsmog - absolutely! If you've got something sell guaranteed you also have someone to purchase it! Keep this one tucked away in that folder! LOL

    • sassyabby1 profile image

      sassyabby1 6 years ago from ATL

      Hi Ania! Thanks for stopping by! Etsy and Artfire are great places to start out. Ruby Lane definitely caters to a much different target audience. Pieces of jewelry on that site can range from $50-$300 dollars! And they sell lots of vintage everything! You should try a few of them, I've proven to be more successful with Etsy. I've done will on Artfire but not as well as on Etsy.

    • Ania L profile image

      Ania L 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      You were reading my mind, I was recently thinking how could I start selling anything from my craft, and there you go. This Etsy and Artfire look good, but sounds like would be great to be able to sell at RubyLane - sounds like the buyers pay quite a lot if the setup cost is so high :)

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 6 years ago from Escondido, CA

      Thank you SassyAbby1 for bringing this to my attention. It is being bookmarked in my retirement ideas file here. I can see now how I can be a multifaceted marketeer on the internet. Exploring a store at eBay, here at HubPages and now this wonderful idea - well, hope comes to mind.