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33 DIY Ideas For Making Pop-Up Cards

Updated on August 2, 2017
lbrummer profile image

I love arts and crafts. I used to volunteer teach an elementary art class and love sharing tutorials for fun crafts to make with kids.

Pop-up greeting cards aren’t difficult to make once you see what causes the pop up to work. You can make pop up cards for any occasion.

I spent a couple of days searching for pop-up card crafts that included instructions and templates and I think I've found a nice variety that do.

The instructions for making the "Love" card is found at Craft Crossing. Use this for Mother's Day, Father's Day and Valentine's Day.

1. Birthday Cake Card

This beautiful layered cake card would be appropriate as a birthday, 4th of July, Christmas, graduation or thank you card. "Let's celebrate....." You'll find the information needed to make this pop up card at Jennifer Maker.

2. Flower Pop-up Card

You'll find a very good step-by-step tutorial for making the flower used in this card. All the information can be found on the WikiHow site.

3. Vintage Valentine Card

Be sure to notice, and possibly bookmark, this card site, because they have so many beautiful vintage images to download. You'll think of lots of uses for them, I'm sure. You'll find the tutorial for making this Valentine card at Vintage Image Craft.

4. Pop Up Valentine Heart Card

I really like this Valentine card. There is so much simplicity to it, but yet it looks so elegant. A very easy card to make, the kids could make it also. Find the instructions for making this Valentine card at ao life.

5. Easter Egg Pop-up

This is a super cute Easter card. Easy to make and so bright and cheerful that anyone who receives this card will be thrilled. Find the information you need to make this Easter egg pop up card at Kitchen Floor Crafts.

6. Christmas Tree Pop-up Card

Making this Christmas tree card is a lot simpler than it looks. The tutorial shown at WikiHow is done using white paper, but you can see using green enhances the look tremendously. I like the little red balls glued on the tree too.

7. New Year's Pop-up Card

I guess this is considered a New Year's card because of the glittery belt, but I can imagine ways to use this card for any occasion, it would all depend on the little extras added to the card. Instead of the candy cane, use a heart for Valentine's or birthdays. Find the tutorial at Babble Dabble Do.

8. Teddy Bear Card + many more

When you go to the Matthew Reinhat site to make this teddy bear pop up card, you'll also see that there are oodles of other pop-ups to make. I believe there are a total of four pages of card tutorials.

9. Father's Day Card

Again, the uses for a popup card like this are numerous. Get your imagination juices running and you'll think of other occasions for this card also. The directions for making this ocean themed card are found at Holiday Crafts.

10. Turkey Card

Here's a card the kids will love making for Thanksgiving. It would also work as a classroom art project. Go to Mom Endeavors to find all the information that you'll need to make this turkey card.

11. Valentine Heart Chain

This is a very nice card for the kids to make for Valentine's Day or for other occasions that they would make a card for a parent or friend. A very easy, but cute as a button, card with instructions found at Aunt Annie’s Crafts . Printables are included here. Also a lot more pop up card projects here.

12. Bee Pop Up Card

Let this little bee, be all he can be. Not only for Valentine's Day but for other important days, that deserve a card, too. You'll go to the Yahoo! Makers site for the instructions for this card project.

13. Moving Stem Flower Pop-up

You'll have to scroll down on the page at The Little Green Box to find this particular pop up card tutorial. There are a number of other projects on this site also. Check them out. Click on the project name to go to the tutorial.

14. Pop-Up Greeting Card

15. You Make My Heart Pop

Preschoolers and toddlers could make this simple and easy pop-up card. The instructions for this pop up card are found at Make and Takes.

16. Celebrate With Balloons Card

There doesn't seem to be a celebration that doesn't lend itself to the use of balloons. The same can be said for balloons on greeting cards. This pop up card with balloons has directions given at Oh Happy Day!

17. I Love You Mom Card

This little hen and chick card is so sweet, and I think it would bring tears to any Mother's eyes. The directions for making this hen and chick pop-up card are found at Krokotac.

18. Snowman Greeting Pop-up Card

What fun it would be to make Christmas cards with the kids when you can find the tutorial for making cards like this snowman one at My Kid Craft . Anyone who receives this card will be impressed and appreciative. Add a little glitter to the snowman for extra sparkle.

19. Pile of Gifts Pop-up Card

A perfect little pop up card to give on a Christmas or birthday celebration. Find the tutorial for making this pile of gifts card at The Little Green Box. Very easy and very, very cute and colorful.

20. I (Love) U Pop-up Card

You want to do some careful cutting when you make the letter cutouts for this pop-up. You want a nice clean look to the letters. This may be a bit too difficult for kids. When you make this card, go to The Idea King for the tutorial.

21. Happy Easter Card

Let this little chick help you wish someone a Happy Easter holiday. An easy card to make with instructions found at Inspiration Made Simple .

22. Mother's Day Popup

These are easy to make, printables. It's more a matter of cutting and pasting for this project. You'll find the printables and instructions for using them at Aunt Annie’s Crafts.

23. Monster Hug Pop-up Card

I really like the idea that this monster starts out with a drop of paint being blown at through a straw. It makes sure that no two monsters will look exactly alike. Find all the directions for making this card at Housewife Eclectic.

24. Surprise Pop-up Card

25. Animals in Love Pop-up Cards

Print the animals on colored paper, or print them on white paper so you can color them with crayons, colored pencils or markers. Find the printables and the directions for making them at Krokotac.

26. Pop-up Father's Day Card

You'll use an origami method of paper folding in this pop-up card. I love the look of the darker papers used in this card also. The tutorial for making this card can be found at Paper Blog.

27. Flower Bouquet Pop-up Card

Even if you've left making a card until the last minute, you can still easily make this bouquet of flowers pop up one. You'll find the printables and the instructions for this card at Buzz Feed. Very impressive!!

28. Easy Mother's Day Card

I imagine the little kids really love making this card. There's painting, cutting and pasting so they really know they've make the card. Go to Totschooling to see how very easy this card is for the kids to make.

29. MOM Pop-Up Card

A template is included with the instructions for making this pop up card. You'll find all the information you'll need at Creative Popup Cards.

30. Owl Punch Monster Mash Card

You'll find directions for making these cute party invitations at Hand Stamped . This is a special project for stampers.

31. Pop-Up Card Templates

There are eighteen different templates for pop up cards on this site. Go to Cool Creativities for all the templates and directions for the different pop up cards. Be sure to visit this site to see what is all available.

33. Pop-Up Flowers For Mom

A cute mother's day card that the kids will love making and giving to her. You'll find the instructions for making these flowers by going to the Createsie site for them.

34. Puppy Pop-Up Greeting Card

The puppy ears and tongue move on this greeting card. It'll cause the little ones to get the giggles. Make this card for a special little someone by going to for the instructions.

35. How to Make Pop-Ups 23 Lessons

Everything you ever wanted to know about making pop-ups can be found at the Extreme Cards and Papercrafting site. This site shows all the different ways to make pop ups. A real good resource.

© 2015 Loraine Brummer

What do you think? Do you want to make pop-up cards? or leave a comment

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    • profile image

      diya saini 4 months ago

      I love to make an cards..I want make more and more

    • profile image

      Melanie 9 months ago

      Got some very good ideas flowing now. Thanks for the 411

      Melanie Mills

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 2 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Hi peachpurple! I'm glad you found a card that you want to make among the choices in this article. I love the pop up cards.

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i am going to make fathers day card that one of the site you had recommended. Very easy to follow, thanks

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 2 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Hi RTalloni! Thanks for your nice comment about the pop up cards. I think I could get really hooked on making them too. I know I'll be making the Christmas tree one. I like it that so many of them can be made to suit whatever occasion you need a card for, with just small changes.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 2 years ago from the short journey

      When I made the discovery that pop up cards are much easier to make than they look I was hooked. Thanks for a great line up here. I made the Puppy Ears card at the beginning of the year and it was fun stuff. :) Will be referring to this hub again.