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How to Make Window Coverings (Curtains) for Sidelights

Updated on August 17, 2012
completed sidelite coverings
completed sidelite coverings
cut fabric
cut fabric
hem around the edges
hem around the edges
rod to be used - also notice the 1.5 inch from edge, 3.5 inch from edge and 5 inch from edge stitch - ignore the top it was folded over fabric
rod to be used - also notice the 1.5 inch from edge, 3.5 inch from edge and 5 inch from edge stitch - ignore the top it was folded over fabric
sash rod
sash rod
completed covering
completed covering
I simply made this covering shorter by cutting off the tears and rehemming
I simply made this covering shorter by cutting off the tears and rehemming

While I was enjoying my house boating experience over the 4th of July, my dog Twinkle, a Jack Russell Terrier was suffering from a nervous breakdown as a result of the terrible storms that kept rolling through our area each evening. My friend was walking her several times a day and watering our garden but Twinkle was sleeping in the house alone each night. That was our normal routine when we had neighbors tending our pets. I never place Twinkle in a kennel at night because this also upsets her. Therefore, during the thunderstorms she must have run from door to door trying to dig herself out of the house. As a result, several doors had the curtains torn off of them. As a side note: Twinkle's vet has since prescribed Benadryl before a storm. Twinkle let's us know before it arrives.

I have a sidelight (sidelite) on each side of my front door. She proceeded to shred the coverings on each side. She also wreaked havoc on the door coverings leading out to the deck. Not to worry. Ann, the seamstress, came to the rescue.

Fixing the curtain hanging on the doors leading to the deck was my first job. I simply cut off the torn area and hemmed them. I had been meaning to do this for some time. I wanted them to hang higher on the window so the dog and cat couldn’t reach them. Now my work was complete.

The sidelight coverings on the front door were another matter. They were completely destroyed so I needed to sew complete new coverings. This turned out to also be a simple project. Actually, I had made the existing ones so I knew exactly how to go about replacing them.

I had some beautiful sheer fabric left over from a project in a former home we owned.

Items needed for making sidelight coverings:

Sewing machine

Fabric (I’m using sheer fabric, however my last panels were made of muslin in hopes that the stronger fabric would with hold shredding, I was wrong!)

Thread to match your fabric



Pencil or pen to mark your measurements

Below are the steps for making simple sidelight coverings for your front door:

1. Measure the window and add 10 inches to the length (This fabric will be used to make your ruffle and a pocket for the rod to go through) and 6 to 8 inches on the width (Adding the fabric on the width gives it room to pucker instead of having the fabric stretched tight across the window.)

2. Cut fabric accordingly

3. Put a 3/8 inch hem all the way around the covering.

4. On each end fold the fabric over 5 inches.

5. From the edge of the folded fabric, do a straight stitch at 1.5 inches, 3.5 inches and at 5 inches from the folded edge. This will give a nice puckered ruffle at the top and bottom of the covering when it is hung on the side panel. It also creates the pocket for the rod to be inserted through.

6. Use a simple rod to hang covering.

This is a simple starter project to complete if you are teaching someone to sew or if you are attempting to teach yourself.

Happy sewing!

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    • AnnRandolph profile image

      AnnRandolph 5 years ago

      Thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      IntegrityYes 5 years ago

      That is informative and awesome. I definitely voted up.


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