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How to Make Your Own Decorative Stamps

Updated on July 10, 2012
Make your own stamps
Make your own stamps | Source

Stamping is a popular hobby among both seasoned and new crafters. Decorative stamps add a personal, fun or quirky touch to wrapping paper, cards or wall designs. Crafters who love stamping, impress a decorative stamp on a colored ink pad or paint and then place the ink filled stamp onto the project’s surface to transfer the pattern. Crafters can create unique stamps and save money by making their own wrapping paper, cards, stationary or wall designs. Rubber stamps are widely available at craft stores and online, but tend to be an expensive investment. Making your own decorative stamps is a fun and easy project in and of itself.

Finding a Picture or Design for Your Stamp

If you are artistic, you can draw your own design.

If you aren’t one to draw a design, search online for designs and pictures that are not overly detailed. Sites that offer free coloring pages are the perfect place to look. Simple designs work best. If you are creating a holiday themed stamp – look for the outline of a snowman or Easter egg or birthday balloon. If you are looking for a fun design stick with a geometric shape such as concentric circles, ovals or squares. Stay away from patterns that have overlapping lines.

If you already own stencils, you can use them to create your decorative stamp.

After you have found the perfect picture or design, print, trace or draw it on lightweight paper.

Making the Stamp

Cut or find a block of wood that can accommodate the size and shape of your design. If you don’t have wood or the stamp will be for one time use, you can glue together three to four layers of heavyweight cardboard. Be aware if you use cardboard, even several layers glued together, the stamp will not last as long as one made with a wood block.

Cut around the design with scissors so the paper design fits the wood block.

Secure the design to the face of the wood or cardboard with tape.

Trace the design slowly with a Sharpie. Tracing slowly will cause the permanent marker ink to bleed through the paper and leave the design on the wood block.

Remove the paper and tape from the wood block or cardboard.

Trace over the drawn lines with glue such as Gorilla Glue or a strong craft glue.

Lay hemp twine over the glue lines, pressing the twine down to create a good bond.

Lay a sheet of wax paper on a flat work surface.

Place the stamp on the wax paper with the twine side facing down.

Place a light weight on top of the wood block. You can use a can of soup or a book.

Let the glue dry fully before removing the weight.

Using Your New Stamp

Pour craft paint onto a plastic plate.

Dip the stamp into the paint.

Lightly stamp the stamp onto scrap paper to remove excess paint.

Stamp paper, walls or cardstock.

What to Stamp

Buy a large roll of Kraft paper and make your own wrapping paper for any occasion.

Stamp cardstock to create your own stationary, invitations, birthday cards, holiday cards or just because cards.

Create a pretty boarder around the room.

Stamp old worn kitchen cabinets to give them a fresh redecorated finish.

Use your imagination.


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