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How to Make Your Own Simple Jewelry at Home

Updated on December 4, 2014

Cute Jewelry


Making Cute Jewelry at Home

TEXT: Creating your own jewelry can be fun, relaxing and rewarding. Choosing your own materials colors and styles can also be very inspiring. I found that going into a craft store or surfing on the internet in craft websites for inspirations are great in helping you to determine what you want to create. I have made some semi-precious stone bracelets and necklaces throughout the years that can be worn many times with different outfits. I will post a couple of pictures of jewelry that were made by me in the past couple of months. There various types of materials that can be used for making jewelry such as clay, brass, steel, recycled utensils, glass, ceramics etc. However today I will tell you how to make a bracelet and necklace using semi-precious beads. I will list all of the supplies needed for to make a bracelet and necklace.


  1. 1 tube of QuickHold contact adhesive Jewelry glue
  2. 1 spool of a 1mm/.039 inch 25m and 82 ft. Stretch Magic Bead & Jewelry cord
  3. 2-4 strings of beads of your choice for making necklaces
  4. 1-2 strings of beads of your choice for making bracelets
  5. 1 pair of scissors
  6. 1 piece of cardboard (9 in x 12in)

Once you have purchased all of your supplies choose to set aside time where you can relax and work on your necklace and bracelet project. I am a firm believer that when you are creating things it is important to make sure that your environment is peaceful and relaxing. Your calming atmosphere will help you to peacefully create beautiful pieces that you can wear for years to come. Now in my pictures you will see that I used glass beads to create my necklaces and bracelet. So I hope that you have chosen exciting beads to make your jewelry to you!

First take the 2-3 strings of beads that you will be using to make your necklaces and cut those strings because you will need to restring them to make your necklace. Once you have cut the strings of beads, you can now begin to string the beads onto your 1mm/.039 inch 25m and 82 ft. Stretch Magic Bead & Jewelry cord. I suggest that you do not cut the jewelry cord until you have stringed all of your beads onto it. Once you have finished stringing your beads cut your jewelry cord from the spool so that you can seal both ends of your cord. Take both ends of your jewelry cord and make a knot with them to keep the beads for sliding off. Then next, cut off the excess strings close to the knot that you made in your cord. Now use jewelry glue, following the instructions on the back, to seal the knot that you made in your cord. Once your have done this, then place your necklace off to the side on your cardboard to let it finish sealing and drying. Next you can repeat all of the instructions to create your bracelet so that you will have a beautiful necklace and bracelet set to wear for years to come. I hope that this posting was helpful and inspiring to you!


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