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How to Make a Crayon Roll for the Kids - Free Pattern

Updated on July 14, 2014


Two complimentary fabrics ea. 16 ½ in. x 8in.

Matching thread

Crayons - 16

Ribbon – 17 in.

Let’s Get Started:

Please read the instructions first and get a general understanding of what you will be doing.

There is one thing I would like to mention before you get started. This pattern is for fabrics that can go either way, up or down. If you have a fabric that needs to be either up or down, pay attention to #6. You will need to change the pattern to fit your fabrics. If you can't seem to figure it out comment and I will help you.

1. Cut your fabrics – each should measure 16 ½ in. x 8in.

2. Sew your ribbon on – The ribbon needs to be sewn between the right sides of your fabrics. Measure 3 ½ in. down from your top and sew, glue or pin your ribbon down. The ribbon will be reinforced again so whichever way you choose to hold it in place is fine.

3. Sew your two fabrics together – right sides together, sew along the entire outer edge, leaving a 2 inch space to pull your fabric through. Make sure you back stitch over the ribbon a few times to give it a strong placement and hold.

4. Pull your fabric through – you should have left a small space to pull your fabric through to the right side. Your ribbon should come out and it should be sewn into the fabrics.

5. Iron flat – making sure to pay close attention to the edges left unsewn. Fold these edges under and iron, to be sewn later.

6. Make the Fold – Fold the bottom long edge up toward the middle 2 ½ in. and pin in place.

7. Measure the crayon spaces – The spaces should be 1 in. each, except for the two edges that need to be 1 ¼ in.

8. Sew in the crayon spaces – Each space should be one inch. Sew bottom to top, making sure to reinforce the top edge with a back stitch.

9. Sew the outer edges of your roll – This includes the outer edges of your crayon spaces and the edge you left un-sewn to pull your fabric through. This will also help all the fabrics to lay flat.

10. Add the crayons – And you are done!!


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