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How to Make a Birthday / Party Hat - Free printable template

Updated on October 14, 2009

Making cone shaped birthday / party hats is easy and this style can easily be adapted for New Years or birthday parties.

1. Download the template here (labeled partyhat.pdf).

2. Print the template (we recommend printing on 110 lb. cardstock so your template will hold up to multiple uses, but you can really print on any paper weight).

3. Cut on all solid lines.

4. Trace the template onto the cardstock of your choice.

5. Cut the party hat out of the cardstock. If you plan on detailed decorations such as stamping or coloring by hand, we recommend decorating now. Otherwise, just wait until step 7.

6. Curl the party hat to form a cone and fold the tabbed side into the slit. You should now have a cone shaped hat. Tape the inside of the hat along the seam and tabs to create a flat exterior.

7. Decorate in any manner that you choose - glitter, ribbon, paint, stickers, etc.

8. Tape a length of elastic cord inside of the hat. It should be long enough for the wearer to be comfortable but short enough to fit snuggly.

9. Start the party!


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