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How to Make a Chain In Corel Draw

Updated on October 4, 2010

Draw an ellipse.

Select pick tool, click on the the ellipse we created earlier; keep the shift key pressed and create a smaller copy as shown below

This is your basic chain, but as you can see both the edges of the chain look a bit thick. So we will click the smaller copy and by using pick tool make sure that both the edges look even like this:

Select both the objects using the pick tool which should look like this while selecting

Click “Arrange > combine” from the top toolbar. By doing this step you will find that we can easily color inside the shapes without the inner part of the ellipse.

If this step is not followed, you will find that colored ellipses would look like this, which is totally not good for our chain.

Select the shape again click “Fill > Fountain Fill”

This step would give following dialog box.

Select “Type” as “Radial”; “From” color to light orange and “To” Color to a yellowish shade

The color filled inside the shape should now look like this, but you can see that it has a black outline which we would want to get rid of.

To change the color of the outline, select the whole shape again, right click on yellow color from the color palette which should now give a yellowish border to the shape and would look as follows:

Change angle of the shape to make it look a bit tilted.

To change angle of the shape click on the shape and clicking on “angle of rotation” tool as shown below:

Now make a copy of the shape by dragging the shape and placing it  below the original shape.

Now you can see that we have almost a chain like shape but the problem is that they don’t seem like linked to each other but look as if these two shapes look as the one shape is over the other.

To Tangle or link these chains

We need to do as follows:

Use the Bezier tool and create a rectangle like shape over one of the joints.

Click on “Convert Line To Curve“from the menu bar and shape it by using shape tool (F10) as follows:

Select “Arrange > Shaping > Shaping” which will open a dialog box

Select the shape created by making use of the Pick tool and click on “Trim” button on the right tool box.

Once trimmed correctly (this may require some practice, be patient here), select the shape again and delete the shape. Which will now make it appear as if the chains are linked to each other

zoomed version of the tangled chains
zoomed version of the tangled chains
The tangled look (zoom out)
The tangled look (zoom out)

Trimming the shape, removes the portion of one shape, which in turn gives the tangling effect.

Now to create a long chain, we need to copy the trimmed part and arrange it as follows

Finally it should look like this

Now select all the chains and keep the Ctrl key pressed and copy the whole chain on the right hand side by dragging it and then pressing the right mouse button.

It should look like this

Now the basic chain is created and you know the method to trim and arrange it. One can now use diamond that we created earlier and arrange it over the chain which gives following results.


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      Abhishek 7 years ago

      Wow! That was so easy to make a chain.thank hubpages