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How to Make a Daisy Acrylic Post-It Note Holder

Updated on May 20, 2012

Acrylic Post-it note holders are perhaps one of the more unique, creative projects in which stylish desktop accessories can be created with in very little time, with very few supplies. Not only do they look great in your own home and office, but they make one of the greatest teacher’s gifts. For just a few dollars, you can create the most lovely designs that are sure to put a big smile on your recipient’s face.

You Will Need:

  1. Acrylic picture frame (4x6" or 5x7")
  2. Scrapbook paper
  3. Cardstock
  4. Paper punch
  5. Rhinestone or pearl
  6. White permanent marker
  7. Post-It note pad (3x3")
  8. Adhesive

To start, choose your favorite sheet of scrapbook paper and cut it down to the size of your acrylic frame. For most Post-it note holders a 4x6” frame will work best, however, if you would like to add more embellishments, 5x7” will work better. Choose an accent color of cardstock or scrapbook paper and cut it to 3 ½” x 3 ½”. This will serve as your background mat for the Post-it note pad itself. Adhere this mat to your original 4x6” piece of paper and slip through the slot of the frame itself. You now have the base of your holder.

To make the daisy, use a large 1 ½” flower punch and punch out two daisies in the same color. Adhere these two flowers to each other, creating a slightly layered look. If you would like an even fuller-looking flower, you can punch out a third daisy. Next take a ½” flower punch, and in a different color, repeat the process. Once complete, adhere the small flower to the large flower. Add a pearl or rhinestone in the center for a little pizazz. To make the leaves, cut two teardrop shapes from green cardstock. Using your white permanent marker, draw the veins of the leaves, adding some doodles for a whimsical look. To add your completed flower, take both the leaves and the flower itself and adhere to the Post-it note holder with some foam tape. The foam tape will not only add some dimension, but give your embellishment maximum security.

To adhere your Post-it note pad, use heavy duty double stick tape and place it on the back of the pad. The pad will now stick to the matted block you have created. The note pad can be replaced as many times as you need by just simply using more double stick tape.


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    • randomcreative profile image

      Rose Clearfield 5 years ago from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

      What a great, simple tutorial! Thanks for sharing.