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How to Make a Fleece Scarf Without Sewing

Updated on September 29, 2017
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Rosie was an elementary school teacher for 13 years, teaching grades 3-5. She is now a Library Media Specialist in an elementary school.

An Easy Gift is the No Sew Fleece Scarf

Making a no-sew fleece scarf is very easy and takes very little time. Choosing fleece for your fabric is a must. Fleece is a wonderful fabric to use for your handmade scarf for several reasons. It doesn't fray, meaning you don't have to hem the edges as they will stay intact. It is a warm and soft fabric that people gravitate towards. It makes a great blanket or poncho as well. Fleece can also be purchased by the yard at a very reasonable price. See my examples below.

The downside of fleece is that it can pill over time, after being worn and washed repeatedly. This is when the fabric clumps into small balls of fibers and leaves the garment with an unsightly worn look. To prevent pilling, advises, "Fabric pilling can be prevented to some extent by proper clothes washing and care. Wash your garments inside out on a shorter wash cycle with gentle agitation and remove them from the dryer promptly. To remove fabric pills, stretch the fabric over a curved surface and carefully cut or shave off the pills." In addition, there are fleece varieties that advertise they are anti-pill fabrics, which means they are a higher quality fabric, with a more tightly woven material.

Today, there are numerous prints to choose from, with all kinds of themes. Solids, animal prints, neon colors, modern designs, sports themes, college and university logo themes, Disney themes, professional team sports, are just some of the styles you will find. By browsing through, you can find the right style just for the special person you are making the fleece scarf for, or even for yourself.

It is recommended that you use 9 inch widths for adult-size scarves. This means, you will be able to make 4 scarves from 1 yard of fabric. For child-size scarves, I would suggest you use at least 6 inch widths, which will allow you to make 6 scarves from 1 yard of fabric. This means you could make 4 to 6 scarves for $5 to $10. That is quite a bargain!

Instructions for Making a No-Sew Fleece Scarf

Materials Needed: fabric-cutting scissors, 1/2 yard of fleece fabric, masking tape, yardstick

Step 1 Begin by purchasing a length of fleece fabric in increments of 1/2 yard. This will allow you to make at least 2 scarves with 1/2 yard.

Step 2 Cut the length of fabric in half lengthwise, using fabric-cutting scissors. This will need to be a very straight cut. You can use a yardstick to guide you, or masking tape.

Step 3 You should now have 2 rectangles that are 9 inches by 36 inches in size. Use masking tape at the ends of each rectangle, 4-6 inches from each end. This will mark the length of the fringe. The fringe can be any length you want it to be.

Step 4 Cut fringe by cutting straight lines up towards the masking tape, cutting fringe pieces in equal sizes. Remove all masking tape. Your scarves are complete.

Easy Fleece Fringe Scarf

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Below are links to some more great no-sew ideas with fleece fabric. Learn how to make a pillow, poncho, blanket, and more.


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