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How to Make a Floating Ghost for Halloween- Great Recycling Craft Idea

Updated on October 10, 2013

Large Floating Ghost

This floating ghost is between 3-4 foot and makes an awesome outdoor halloween decoration when hung from high places or on the porch.
This floating ghost is between 3-4 foot and makes an awesome outdoor halloween decoration when hung from high places or on the porch.

This is a great project for kids too!

Not only do these floating ghosts make great outdoor Halloween decorations they are also VERY easy to make! If you have been to the dollar store you have probably seen their floating ghosts for $4- $6 or more. But I am going to explain to you how to make your own floating ghosts for way less than that and you will have several ghosts left over from your materials to make smaller floating ghosts for your trees!

Materials Needed;

  • Old worn out or torn white sheets
  • Magazines you were going to throw in the trash anyway
  • Wire hanger and wire cutters
  • Clear packing tape or even painters tape
  • Clear fishing string
  • Black permanent marker or paint pen

Chances are that for the most part you probably have a lot of these materials in your home already, and whatever you don't have will be easy to find with very little cost to you. The tape is only a dollar a roll at the Dollar Store and since it doesn't need to be the best tape on the market this is a great choice. The fishing string is pretty cheap too, and one thing to remember is that you will have a lot of leftover fishing string and tape so you really are getting a great cost per ghost.

If you don't have an old, worn out, or torn sheet on hand, no problem, just go to a second hand store or yard sale. I got my white sheet from Salvation Army for a dollar, because it had a rip in it and not only that but It was a queen size too so I got several hanging ghosts out of one white sheet.

The construction of the head, neck, and shoulders of your ghost.

The head of your floating ghost consists of magazine pages and tape. Start ripping the pages out of the magazine and start balling them up into a round ball. After you have a ball about 2 inches in diameter each page after that needs to be wrapped around the one before it so as your ball of paper grows it will be easier to tape together in the end. The head of this ghost needs to be about 4-5 inches in diameter so it will take a few minutes to reach this point.

After your head is as big as you need it you start taping around and around the ball of paper. This will pull the paper in round and firm and make it more water resistant so it will last for several years. When your round ball of paper is all taped up nice, firm, and round it is time to give the ghost a small neck and shoulders.

All the neck and shoulders are is a wire clothes hanger clipped and molded into the neck and shoulders of the ghost. The clothes hanger needs to be clipped in two places; the one you see in the picture is clipped from the bottom of the clothes hanger (about 4-5 inches of clothes hanger) and the part you don't see which was clipped where the twist of metal meet so the head will be securely attached to the shoulders.

When you have the clothes hanger clipped and molded into body proportionate shoulders take the top of your clothes hanger frame and insert the 2-3 inch end into the taped head of the ghost. Then start taping under the neck of the clothes hanger frame all the way around the head until the head is firmly attached to the neck and shoulder frame.

If you notice in the picture I have a neck for the ghost, all this is is about 5 pages in a magazine I folded into a 1 inch strip of thick paper. Then I taped it around a few times and connected it to the head and the clothes hanger frame.

The reasons I used tape for this project is because the tape seals it against the weather longer than just plain paper and it gives the ghost a firmer construction. Below I have added a picture of the construction of the head, neck, and shoulders made exactly how I am telling you.

Finishing the floating ghost

Now is where your floating ghost is going to really start looking like a Halloween decoration. All that has to be done to finish the ghost is rip the sheet into desired portions, draw the eyes and mouth, and add the fishing string for hanging the ghost invisibly.

I took my queen sheet and turned it long ways and ripped it right down the middle of the sheet after I ripped off the top of the sheet where it is hemmed at so the ghost would have ripped sheet look. I then took one of the half sheets and found the center of the sheet and placed it over the head and shoulder frame. I made sure to have the 4 points of the bottom of the sheet so they would be in the front, back, and sides for a more realistic tattered ghost.

After I had my sheet where I wanted it I then found where the neck was and gathered the material firmly around the head and neck. I took the top part of the sheet that I ripped off earlier and opened the 2 inch seam and ripped it down the middle where the crease was from the hemmed end. I took one of these strips and cut it in half and tied it in a knot snugly around the neck making sure to keep the material on the head tight. Just let the tie hang long on the ghost.

Now all that's left to do is draw the eyes and mouth of the ghost and put the invisable hanger on. For the eyes all you do is draw 2 big black circles where the eyes should be and under that a big black circle, centered between the eyes, for the mouth. Then cut a section of fishing line about 22-24 inches and insert a toothpick into the top of the sheet of the ghosts head. Thread the fishing line through the two holes you just made and tie the two ends together in a knot and your large hanging ghost is ready for Halloween.


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    • Lwortman72 profile image

      Lori Lee Wortman 4 years ago from Vidalia, Georgia

      You are welcome. With Halloween around the corner this project is right on time and cheap or free.

    • profile image

      Amber 4 years ago

      Thank you!