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How to Make a Futon Couch and Bed from a Wood Working Plan - Wooden Build Free

Updated on November 12, 2015

Choosing the Right Plan

A futon is sitting area that can be made into a bed for sleeping. Making a futon couch and bed can be a fun project for wood workers if they have the right tools and wood working plans.

A wood worker can use a purchased plan, a free pattern from the Internet or designs one on their own. No matter what route is taken the plan must be easy to work with and be able to utilize options such as using different woods or making it their own.

Besides making the futon frame a foam cotton cushion and cover must also be made or purchased depending on your skills.

First decide on the size of the futon that is going to be created. Even if you have printed instructions to follow you may want to modify them for the size of the room the futon will be placed in. A futon can be twin size, full size, queen or king. Be sure to consider the height of the person that will be using the futon as a bed.

The project should be fun and easy to follow. This is a good project to make with a child or as a gift for someone in the family.

Click here for Woodworking plans and ideas...

Wood choices are plentiful for creating wood type projects. Oak, maple, pine and other woods are plentiful at building supply stores. When choosing a wood be sure it is sturdy and flexible enough for the type of item you will be building.

Kids love having a futon in their room. Futons also make a great addition to a family room or guest area.

Wood Futon and Cushion

Wood Futon and Cushion
Wood Futon and Cushion

Getting Started with your Wood Working Project

While there are many free plans available on line before starting any project be sure to take the time to figure out what you want to make.

Many of the free futon patterns available are for the cushion only. offers as reprinted articles called Futon Sofa bed that shows how to make a Futon couch bed from start to finish. This article is very informative whether you use the plans or not to create a futon.

Check out furniture stores and view photos on line to see what styles of futons are available and what type of futon you want to create. Review different types of woods and stain color options.

Tools are a big part of making the futon. Before starting any project be sure to find out what tools and accessories will be needed. Create a list and check off all of the items before you start the project.

A futon should be able to open easily. A simple mechanism enables the sofa to fold out to make a bed when required. The futon itself typically has ribs that show when the cushion is removed. These provide plenty of strength for a heavy load. Be sure they are not too thick (typically around 1/2" inch) because they also must be flexible.

Instructions should be followed carefully. Once completed decide on a futon cushion which can be purchased for around $80-$250. A futon cushion can be made with foam and material if you are willing to do the work or know someone else that can help out with making the cushion.

Once completed a futon makes a great addition to any room and provides another sleeping area for company or the grandkids.

Cutting Logs for Wood Working


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