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How to Make a One Piece Hijab in 5 Easy Steps

Updated on July 11, 2011

How to Make a One Piece Hijab

A One Piece Hijab has to have been the single most ingenious invention for the Muslim woman. It is so handy as a quick pull over if you're late for taking the kids to school or if you just want to pop to the shops without getting all pinned up. It also works great as a quick hijab for when you need to answer the door. It really is a time saver and one that no Muslim woman should be without. But why buy them? The one piece hijab is very easy to make and even easier is the two piece hijab, which I have written about in How to Make a Two Piece Hijab in 5 Easy Steps.

A One Piece Hijab

One Piece Hijab (amira)
One Piece Hijab (amira)

5 Easy Steps to Sew Your One Piece Hijab

1. Choose a stretchy fabric. The stretchier it is the more comfortable your one piece hijab will be. Lycra or stretch jersey or stretch cotton works the best but you could use anything that suits your taste.

2. Fold over the fabric and cut out a shape that resembles a cone with a flat top (see diagram). The flat top area needs to be able to fit around your face. The Length of the cone shape should be decided on how long you want your one piece hijab to hang down.

3. Hem up the top and the bottom of your cone shaped fabric piece. With right sides facing together, stitch along the long edge to close up the one piece hijab.

4. Take new section of fabric and fold over. Measure your face from one cheek to the other going up and over the front of your head. Measure the same distance along the fold of your fabric and mark the ends. From those marks, cut out a large semi-circle shape. Sew up the free edge to close.

5. pin the rounded edge of your semi circle piece to the top side of your hijab, this will form a nice peak at the front. Sew it in place to create your one piece hijab.

Diagrams for the One Piece Hijab

Diagram of the One Piece Hijab
Diagram of the One Piece Hijab


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      jabz 6 years ago

      thank you so much for this as it has been really helpful!

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      Mariam 6 years ago

      Thanks so much for this!