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How to Make a Sun Hat

Updated on January 28, 2013
Sun Hat
Sun Hat | Source

The winter will end soon and many people will want to spend more time out of home. Soon the days will become hotter and we will need to protect ourselves from the sunlight. It would be very convenient to be prepared with something we could use as protection from the damaging rays of the sun.

Hats can be fun. They can add a little spark of style to your attire. A sun hat can make spending time out more enjoyable. Whenever you use a sun hat, you're adding extra protection to your skin, eyes and head. Throughout this hub, I'm going to show you how to make a sun hat with jute, a vegetable fiber that can be used to make curtains, clothes, carpets, coverings, rugs and hats, among other uses.

You can get all the material for this project from any fabric store. There is an array of jute fiber colors, so the color of the sun hat will depend on your particular taste.

Things You'll Need to Make a Sun Hat

One square meter of jute

One meter of 35 mm brown satin ribbon

One meter of 15 mm dark brown double sided ribbon

Measuring tape


Dark brown thread and needle


To begin making a sun hat, you're going to cut a circular piece of jute of 45 cm in diameter. To cut the circular piece of jute, you can use the measuring tape and a pencil. Hold the measuring tape with your left hand; press one end of the measuring tape with your thumb finger; hold the tape at 40 cm with your right hand; grab a pencil with your index and thumb right fingers; draw the circle around the jute.

Now, take the measuring tape and measure your head around the forehead and the back of the head. With a compass for dawing, draw a circle the size of your head on the 45 by 45 piece of jute. For this hat, I drew a circle with a diameter of 27 cm.

You can do the following step at a later stage; however, I chose to do it at this stage. Cut out a piece of 15 mm dark brown double sided ribbon about the size of the outer side of the brim. Either, hand sew this piece or use a sewing machine, whatever you like, so that when attached to the brim, it looks like in the picture below.

Brim | Source

Cut a 12 cm by 60 cm piece of jute. This is going to be the side band of the hat. With a needle and thread sew the band at one edge to make a circular band. Now cut a round piece of jute with a diameter of 30 cm. This will be the crown tip of the hat.

Side band and crown tip
Side band and crown tip | Source

Attach the crown tip and the side band by sewing the edges together. Use a thread with the same color as the jute. All the stitches in these two pieces of the hat will be concealed in the inside of the hat.

Cut out 1 cm tabs around the bottom edge of the side band. These tabs will be used to attach the side band to the brim.

Crown tip
Crown tip | Source

Cut several tabs 1 cm wide around the edge of the side band. Glue the tabs to the open circle in the brim of the hat. At this stage, the sun hat should look like the picture below.

Hat | Source

Cut out two pieces of 35 mm brown satin ribbon. One piece should be a little over the size of the side band, and the other can be any size. This will be the tail of the band. these two pieces should look like the ones below.

You can either hand sew them or glue them together. Wrap one around the side band of the hat and make a comet-like tail with the other, so that they look like in the picture below.

Ribbon | Source

After you have put the time and effort into this project, you should have a hat that resembles the one below. To finished this project, I put around five hours of work. The most dificult part for me was the hand sewing of the 15 mm ribbon around the outer rim of the hat and the hand sewing of the side band to the crown tip of the hat.

Using a sewing machine throughout these two stages in the making of a sun hat should make the work in this project easier. All that's left now is wait till the cold and cloudy winter days are over, so that you can put on your sun hat and enjoy the sunny spring days.

Finished Hat
Finished Hat | Source


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  • unvrso profile image

    Jose Juan Gutierrez 4 years ago from Mexico City

    Thanks for reading and voting this hub useful. I appreciate it.

  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

    Your instructions are very clear and the end product is beautiful. I'm sure the crafty readers will find it very useful, so that's how I'll vote. Thanks for sharing.