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How to Make a Two Piece Hijab in 5 Easy Steps

Updated on December 27, 2012

How to Make a Two Piece Hijab

A Two Piece Hijab has to be the single most ingenious invention for the Muslim woman after the One Piece Hijab! It is handy as a quick option to getting dressed if you're late for taking the kids to school or if you just want to pop to the shops without getting all pinned up. It also works great as a quick hijab for when you need to answer the door. It really is a time saver and one that no Muslim woman should be without. The two piece hijab is very easy to make as is the one piece hijab, which I have written about in How to Make a One Piece Hijab in 5 Easy Steps and if you have already bought one then you can use that as a sewing reference.

A Two Piece Hijab

You could always decorate the under scarf, add beads or iron on rhinestones.
You could always decorate the under scarf, add beads or iron on rhinestones.

5 Easy Steps to Sew Your Two Piece Hijab

1. Choose a stretchy fabric. The stretchier it is the more comfortable your two piece hijab will be. Lycra or stretch jersey or stretch cotton works the best but you could use anything that suits your taste.

2. Fold over the fabric and cut out a shape that resembles a cone with a flat top (see diagram below). The flat top area needs to be able to fit around your face. The Length of the cone shape should be decided on how long you want your two piece hijab to hang down.

3. Hem up the top and the bottom of your cone shaped fabric piece. With right sides facing together, stitch along the long edge to close up the two piece hijab.

4. To make the second part of your two piece hijab you will need to create a wide headband that will sit underneath, cut a long strip of your fabric, approximately 22 inch long and roughly 25 inches wide. Make sure that the fabric stretches in the correct direction when you come to put it on.

5. Fold right sides together (longest sides touching) and make a zigzag stitch to close up, fold out and stitch the ends together neatly.

Here are further instructions on how to make a headband if you get stuck. You now have your two pieces for your two piece hijab.

Two Piece hijab Diagram

Cone shape for your Two Piece Hijab.
Cone shape for your Two Piece Hijab.


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      saleena 6 years ago

      I am muslim and I just love the hijabs

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      nuzuljanna 6 years ago

      that was really great. keep up the good work

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      Jacqueline 7 years ago from London, England

      Thanks Kiss, I hope it will.

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      K Kiss 7 years ago from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

      I am sure this hub would help a lot of girls...