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How to Select the Right Art Show to Sell Your Work

Updated on November 24, 2017
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Stevie G. is a Life Coach, Educator and Researcher. He is the founder of Infinite Visionary Training Center in Minnesota.

Center Pieces
Center Pieces | Source

Steps in Art Fair Participation

Participating in an art show or fair is a great way to make yourself known as an artist. The steps are as follows:

  • Search the Internet for local art shows
  • Register for a booth
  • Submit samples of your artwork for eligibility
  • Pay for entry and booth

The opportunity to participate in an art fair will allow you to share your artistic creativity and expression. The overall goal of an art fair or festival is to expose art lovers to a wide variety of beautiful art work, including yours. In addition, you will have a chance to introduce yourself to some of the most accomplished local, nation and international artist around the world. Participating along with such artist of this magnitude is undoubtedly a dream comes true, especially for young artists who are eager to make themselves known.

The first step to entering an art fair is to search the internet for local art shows that may be happening in your town or city. Most likely, a major art show will be held sometimes during the course of the year, usually over the summer. Lessor art shows may occur in the winter. Starving artist fairs can occur all years round in various places, such in hotels, convention centers and small galleries. The main key to finding the art show that will interest you is vigilance, especially if you have just moved to a new city or state and is looking to sell some of your art work.

Study the art fair site to discover the various types of art and craft that artists are allowed to put on exhibit. Most art fairs will allow you to exhibit arts in several media types, including sculpture, painting, ceramics, jewelry, wood, drawing, printmaking, fiber as well as 2D and 3D mixed media.

Consider the quality of your own art work. Is your art work professional enough to stand against other accomplished and well known artist? Are you able to present art that will distinguish you as origin and unique? Chances are you will be competing along with well established artists who have participated in art show for years.

Reasons Why You Attend Art Shows

Do You Attend Art Shows for the Enjoyment or for Collecting Art?

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Once you find out the type of art that is desired, check out the requirements for entering the art show. Usually you will have to submit five or six images of your art work, in addition to one main booth image that will define your whole body of work. Gaining acceptance into major art shows can be very difficult because the rigorous judging process. The judging process is designed to select the most impressive art for exhibition and weed out all week entries.

Fractal Bush Basket
Fractal Bush Basket | Source

If this is the art show in which you want to participate, fill out an online application and submit it along with the stated application fee. You must take into account that most application fees are nonrefundable if your application is rejected or if you fail to show up at the event. But if you are unable to attend, don’t be disappointed due to the non-refund. Instead, you might want to consider the application fee a donation. Many art show sponsors go out of their way to provide exposure for starving artists.

If you are accepted in the art show, make sure you are aware of all the dates and meeting that are scheduled before the art show begins. Usually at these meeting the final ground work will be set for dates, times, booths and exhibits. Failing to attend one of these meeting might result in the loss of your space and cancellation of your application.

Smallest Forest
Smallest Forest | Source


Make your booth as attractive as possible. For example, to effectively exhibiting your art work, decorate the booth with colorful backgrounds, along with a flower or plant. These are the extras that will make your booth more eyes catching. You will be amazed at what a beautiful flower or plant may evoke in a potential customer.

Artist Competence

In an art show try to look as lively and present as possible. Wear a big smile and welcome everyone that comes to your booth. In addition, be ready to answer every question regarding your art work. This shows that your are a master of your craft.


Never set back relaxed. Don’t allow people to see you reading a magazine or newspaper while exhibiting your art work. When people pass by your booth and see you sitting down without paying attention to what is going on around you, they may think that you don’t take your work seriously. Instead of appearing disinterest in what you are doing, look up and smile at people who pass by and show interest in your work. Many times a nice smile will warm peoples’ heart and encourage them to approach your exhibit.

Starkrat Zuerich
Starkrat Zuerich | Source

Art shows are designed to bring together thousands of people who appreciate the beauty of creation. When an art observer or collector leaves a good art show, an inner inspiration stirs long after the show is over. That is the power of art upon the human soul.


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