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How to Quickly Make a Beautiful Handmade Card

Updated on January 17, 2013

Handmade cards are beautiful. They are also fun to make and highly addictive. Making handmade cards for your friends and family members lets them know they are special enough to have you spend the time necessary to make these beautiful works of art. The one problem with making handmade cards for your loved ones, however, is that once you start making them, they will expect you to continue doing so. In fact, some loved ones become so accustomed with receiving your mini treasures, that when they don’t receive a handmade greeting card from you, they are almost offended.

Let’s face it. Even the craftiest people don’t always want to be obligated to do such things. We’re tired, we work, and sometimes we just plain don’t feel like it. There’s a solution to this problem, however, and its all based on process. When you’re in the mood, or have sufficient time to really envelope yourself into the process of making a gorgeous handmade card, by all means, do so. But when you’re low on time or not feeling the craftiest, there are workarounds to make beautiful handmade cards. Here are a few:

Use Embellishments

Rather than stamping images and adding layers upon layers of inks, dyes and mediums, do away with the stamping all together and purchase pre-packaged embellishments available at most craft supply stores. You can usually find these embellishments in many themes and for a relatively small price. These embellishments are usually made of diecuts, and all contain a foam tape backing for easy mounting to your card.

Paper, paper, paper

Scrapbook paper has come a long way since its first introduction. It comes in all different colors, themes, sizes and shapes. You can buy individual sheets or coordinating scrapbook paper packs. Whatever you choose, scrapbook paper is so beautiful that sometimes it can stand alone. In fact, in just a fraction of the time, you can create a beautiful handmade card with just one sheet of scrapbook paper and one stamped sentiment.

Plan ahead

On days when you have a little extra time or are feeling especially crafty, develop a few templates for basic cards. Once you have your sketch in mind, pre-cut all of your scrapbook paper and pre-color your images so that assembly is much faster. With an assembly line method, you’ll be astonished at how fast you are creating beautiful handmade cards.

Use handmade card sketches

You wouldn’t think so, but many paper crafters will tell you that sometimes the hardest part of making handmade greeting cards is the design itself. You’ve selected your paper, stamped and colored your images and have chosen your sentiment but somehow you’re stuck on what to do with them all. Handmade card-making sketches take out all of the guess work by providing many templates to copy. The options are endless!


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