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How to Sell Pictures for Beginners - I am a Newbie, Learn with me

Updated on June 11, 2011

I have an SLR digital camera, but have never really put it to good use, and I have always liked taking pictures, so I decided I would try and sell my own pictures.

I registered with Bigstock Photo in part because according to this hub, it is easier to get your pictures approved for publication (a newbie needs all the help he can get!)

Go and register for Bigstock Photo if you’d like but don’t jump over the next few screens you will see right after registration because those pages have a lot of useful information.

The tutorial there will go over the details as to what photos are accepted and which ones will be rejected due to poor lighting, hard shadows caused by flash and poor composition among other factors.

My Desk
My Desk
My White Box
My White Box

My Game Plan

I want to get my pictures approved so I created my white box (see picture), this white box is no more than just a white poster paper that I placed over my desk and taped to my monitor (another pic).

The light on top gives a nice brightness to the background and reduces hard shadows, but I am not completely happy yet as my pictures still have a shadow, I think I need to get an extra light to totally remove the shadows.

Look at the picture I took in my white box. I used Photoshop to enhance the picture, adjusting Levels until it looked acceptable to me.

What I Want to Achieve

I want to get my pictures approved over at Bigstock Photo, and I want to share my experience with you; I will hopefully be able to give you some tips and advice based on my own experience (not expertise because as you can see I am no expert photographer).

What I Want You to Do

If you are interested on turning this hobby of taking pictures into another stream of revenue I would love it if you'd follow my progress, offer your thoughts and teach me a thing or two along the way. Hey, we could compare notes and keep each other on track.

Hubpages users I'd be honored if you followed me as I progress through my latest challenge, I am planning on sharing every detail including how I tweak my pictures and how much money I am making at selling photos (if any at all).

Not a Hubpages user? You can still follow me by clicking over my picture on the top right corner and bookmarking me or subscribing via RSS, although I encourage you to sign up to Hubpages, it's free and if you feel like writing you can make some money too.


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    • ryanallan profile image

      ryanallan 7 years ago

      This is excellent, I recently purchased a Nikon D5000 and have been wanting to make some extra cash off my photos. Your post has inspired me to take action, thank you!

    • G.Uriarte profile image

      G.Uriarte 7 years ago from San Francisco

      Hi Jupiter1385, I just uploaded the first few pictures and depending on whether these are accepted I'll post a new article.

    • Jupiter1385 profile image

      Jupiter1385 7 years ago from Illinois

      I've never tried to sell my photos but I would love to try! I will follow you for future articles. They have inspired me :).

    • G.Uriarte profile image

      G.Uriarte 7 years ago from San Francisco

      Hi Thranax, I think that you said it right, an investment in a good lighting system may turn out to be key, and it is something I am considering, but for right now though, as I am just getting started I want to make sure there is some potential for me before I start investing.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion!

    • thranax profile image

      Andrew 7 years ago from Rep Boston MA

      Awesome! I have some training and own my own Nikon Slr! I haven't sold any pictures or even shared them with anyone outside my family yet but I am going to. If you want to take things like products it really is key to invest in a good lighting system with a white screen backdrop. The one I have works fine and was only about $150 woot!


    • G.Uriarte profile image

      G.Uriarte 7 years ago from San Francisco

      Thanks, I'll be posting a follow up hub, soon.

    • profile image

      TheJiggins 7 years ago

      I am most definitely going to be keeping an eye on your articles now, as I never turn down an opportunity to learn!