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How to Sew Clothing

Updated on July 14, 2017

Steps In Sewing Clothing

How to sew clothing is based on using the sewing techniques to create very attractive and glamorous clothing or garment. Dressmaking is one of the popular hobbies of all time, as you can use any fabric of your choice to make any style of fashion clothes that suits your fashion expression.

Many women are so proud in making clothes for themselves as well as their family. There is nothing so difficult about sewing clothing, with regular sewing practice any lady or man can produce the perfect dress or garment. Dressmaking requires paying careful attention to little details as you start sewing till you finish making the clothing.

The best tips in starting to sew your own clothes is to learn about different quality fabrics that can fit a variety of fashion designs and a pattern that can fit the type of dress that you want to make. Try and get patterns of clothing that will make you look smart and modern, although some classic pattern will suit your fashion preferences depending on if you want a vintage look.

The purpose of wearing any style of clothes should be to flatter your figure and to feel comfortable while wearing such garment. So make sure that the fabric that you will sew into finish garment will be what you will be proud of wearing.

These are the different top tips for easy sewing techniques:

  • Cut the fabric
  • The clothing fitting
  • The making of the clothing
  • Pressing the garment
  • Neatening the edges


Cutting The Fabric

After you have gotten the fabric of your choice, cutting it is one of the most important steps in sewing techniques. The way you cut the fabric will go a long way in shaping the finished design of the clothing. The cutting can affect among other things such as, the dress collars, pockets, seam lines, cuffs and many more.

All the cutting details will ensure how the finished garment will fit or if it is skirt, how the skirt will hang. So it is paramount to waste a little time, checking how the straight grains runs and how they will appear when sewn.

The Perfect Fit Of Clothing

The perfect fit of any clothing depends entirely on how the cut of the fabric was made. Although the dressmaker can make changes on the cut at this level. But in the case of a big cutting error, then there is very little amendment that can be done.

With the clothing fitting stage, the clothing should be very comfortable and the wearer should be able to move around in the clothing with freedom. But the garment should not be too loose, as it may not look flattering on the figure. This is the reason that proper care is given to the fitting of the garnent.

The Making Of The Clothing

To reach a standard whereby a dressmaker can produce garment that competes with haute couture dressmaking, the following top tips in the making of the clothing stage should be considered:

  • Make sure that the seam lines are straight
  • Tack the wrong sides of the fabric together
  • Machine stitch the tacked wrong sides
  • make sure that you have the correct texture of the sewing thread depending on how thick or light the fabric is.
  • Choose the correct size for the stitching
  • Make sure you try the stitching on a piece of fabric
  • All the points and corners sewn should be sharp and can be pushed out to show accurate style.
  • Any piece of fabric cut that comes in pairs such as pockets, cuffs, collars, lapels should be accurately matched.
  • Make sure that each side of the darts to the center are in the same position such as front, center or back.

Pressing The Garment

You should try and press that garment as you sew along in order to produce a perfect finished and smart looking garment. Make sure that you press the seams and edges so that they be sharp. It is advisable not to over press the garment.

Neatening Clothing As You Sew

You should do any neatening as you sew in order to avoid any sloppy finished. Neatening includes removing tacking threads after machine stitching, tie loose ends and using scissors to cut them off. After you neaten the garment, it should look smooth and fresh. Finishing well means that the clothing fits your figure shape nicely.


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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Like everything else in life, sewing has its special techniques which are the rules in which anyone interested in dressmaking should adhere to. Thanks HoneyBB for your comment.

    • HoneyBB profile image

      Helen Laxner 5 years ago from Illinois

      I have always wanted to learn how to sew. These are great tips on what to expect of yourself when you start out. Thanks for sharing.