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How to choose a web designer?

Updated on January 27, 2014

Choosing a website designer!

Choosing a web site designer is a confusing task for many people wanting a website. There are a few things to consider before you choose your web designer. You must realize that there are web design companies that specialize in designing websites and then there are private webmasters who design websites. Hiring a web designer can become very expensive if you are not sure what to look for in the designer. Consider the below facts before choosing your web designer. A professional web designer may only specialize in the design of your site. Many webmasters specialize in the whole development of your website. Such as, website design, website marketing, website monetization, website search engine optimization and many other website improvements.

What type of website do you need or want? If you are just looking for a basic website, you may find some affordable web designers who can do the job for you. Many private webmasters are able to complete the work that is needed. Are you going to use your website everyday? If you just want a website to direct your business customers to then you should choose a private webmaster who can perform the web design cheaper than a web design company. You can do this by searching for website help. Many private web designers charge any where between $15 an hour to $120 an hour. This depends on what type of website you want or need.

Consider the size of your website when choosing a web designer. You will need to calculate the cost of all website pages. A basic and affordable website usually consists of no more than ten pages. Like I stated earlier, you need to remember that choosing a website designer can become very expensive. Your website size matters in how much you will pay for a website design. Depending on your website development budget, you can have a large or small website designed.

What all is needed on your website? You need to consider what you all need within your website. Do you want custom website forms, website images, website banners and advertisements? All of this can be completed by hiring a webmaster. Choosing a website designer will help in the design of your website but will not feel the need to apply keywords, metatags and page title tags. The web designer will concentrate on the look and navigation of your website. So if you want a website to get better search engine rankings, you need to hire a webmaster who knows SEO. Building back-links and marketing your website will not be the job of a professional web designer unless you state it in the contract.

Let your web designer know what you want done to your website. Take into consideration that there is much more needed other than design to make your website a success. Many website hosting companies have their own team of web designers to help their customers. Keep in mind that you may be able to find less expensive webmasters to work on your website. Some cheap webmasters may be found at places such as Freelancer. If you don't want any doubts on designer qualifications, it is best to hire a web design company that can guarantee their work. Make sure you check website reviews before choosing a web designer. You should also provide enough detail to your site designer about your website hosting company, website page editor and requirements needed. An experienced website designer will also be able to get your website designed in a timely manner. Which will allow you to get your website designed for less money.


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    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett Caulton 6 years ago from Thailand

      Good advice ... I chose by looking around at portfolios. Although it isn't perfect, it gives you a good idea of their skills.

      Thanks for SHARING.

    • Spoofthemonkey profile image

      Spoofthemonkey 7 years ago

      Web designers are such a crucial aspect of online business. A poorly designed website can easily kill sales. I definitely agree with looking into their past work to see if they are any good.

    • CF Sales Training profile image

      CF Sales Training 7 years ago from Florida

      Good hub and great information, clearly presented. You show understanding of the needs of web designing, great work!

    • tammyfrost profile image

      Tammy Frost 7 years ago from Oregon

      @Professional Web Designer....Thanks that is a wonderful tip. Looking at experience and reading reviews and website testimonials is a tip on choosing a good website designer.

    • profile image

      Professional Web Designers in Melbourne 7 years ago

      Good tips, something I can add here, why you dont look at what the previous work he has done. then we can get understanding about his skills and experience. and check whether he has overall web design, development and promotional knowledge about online business, Then you do not need to worry about the web site and the online presence you are expect. your investment will be a worth one

    • profile image

      Sherwin Ree 7 years ago

      Web design encompasses more than just the particular look and feel of an website. It also involves the HTML and rule that make your website look the way it does. Good web design additionally incorporates search engine optimization (Search engine marketing).

    • 2besure profile image

      Pamela Lipscomb 7 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      Good tips to know what to look for and how to go about choosing someone to do your website.