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How to clean and organize your craft room. Ideas for saving space and time.

Updated on February 2, 2012

Crafters are typically not the best people in organization. Glue, ribbons, pencils, fabrics and flowers end up in chaos all over the work table, floors, chairs, often spilling into the rest of the house. This makes creative process extra messy. Creative messes cause frustration from other family members. But with all the creative juices flowing, it is hard to think about uninteresting activity of cleaning.

How often do you have to buy a new button set, a new hair clip, a new paint, a new ribbon, a new bracelet clasp or new spool of thread just because you could not remember where you put the ones you've already had?

However, if the craft room is organized and everything has its place, putting an item back - and finding it the next time- is much easier.

Because of poor organization, crafters often misplace or lose forever the precious ingredients for their art and craft projects. I am not claiming to be perfect, but I found some great ideas on craft room organization. Maybe, some of them would work for others!

The perfect working space

Make several simple shelves. They should be long, but not wide. The width of the shelves should be decided by looking at your craft items. All of them should be placed where they are easily seen.

Organize your craft items by theme, color or project. The easiest organization is by color. The rainbow groups of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, purple is usually a good logical first step. Of course, there are several colors and shades, such as gold, silver, black and white, that would have to be placed according to your own logic.

Use pockets and drawers for more space

Use plastic drawers for closer organization. Label each small drawer, so you'd know exactly what is inside. This type of storage is great for hardware, buttons, hair clips, small flowers or miniatures for doll house. If you are limited on flat space, get the plastic drawers that stand more upright.

Pockets with clear plastic could also be very helpful. Remember, out of site - out of mind saying? I have to tell you, it is definitely true with me. Make sure you could see all of your crafty things. It will help you use the items, instead of buying new... again. Choose hanging pocket organisers, so you could hang them in the closet and save space in your craft room.

Organization in a craft closet

Think outside of (dusty) box for ribbons.

When in comes to storing ribbons and small craft items, thinking creatively could work best. Ribbons are best stored in such way where everyone of them is visible. Consider using tiered pants hangers and hang them in your craft closet. Each tier could hold as many as 10 ribbons, depending on their thickness. They will be easy to see and easy to get to.

If no closet space available, you could also use a large plastic box with large holes. Place two or more wooden rods and place them length-wise in the box. These rods would hold ribbons in place. Thread the ends of ribbons through side holes for easy display and use.

Yet, another idea for storing ribbons is by placing them in a glass tea press. The ribbons are protected from dust and other elements, yet they are visible and ready to use. Simply pull up the metal handle and choose the color you want. Slide the rest back into the glass jar. Pretty and dust-free solution has one draw-back, through. It is somewhat expensive (each jar is $10 or more) and not practical for large collections of ribbons.

Ribbons in a basket

Ribbons in a glass tea press


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    • profile image

      Kymberly Fergusson 

      8 years ago from Germany

      Fantastic craft organisation ideas, and especially encouraging further creativity when used in such a colourful display! I must get my craft/sewing room a little more organised.

    • Sherrye Barrow profile image

      Sherrye Barrow 

      8 years ago from Duncan, AZ

      Luv'd your ideas!

    • StarryNightsDiva profile image


      8 years ago from Rocky Hill, CT

      Great hub!


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