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How to design a business card in illustrator Step by Step

Updated on March 31, 2016

How To

Before going any further it is better acquainted with the basics of vector and Adobe illustrator, what vector? the following explanation:
vector: is a set of points and lines that are connected to a fusion of warna2 so as to form an object.
Bottom line: drawing vector-curva curva is a collection of color are arranged in such a way so as to produce a form of an object.
The software used (berbasic vector) to create a vector image:
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw
Macromedia Flash
3D max
Free Hand, etc.
Because I used to use Adobe Illustrator CS-2, then here will be explained a bit of my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator CS-2.
The introduction of Adobe Illustrator CS-2
Before starting the process of working in Adobe Illustrator CS-2, it would be better if the first to know who and how Adobe Illustrator  it. The work area Adobe Illustrator CS-2 is basically comprised of several components, among others:
The menu contains controls for various functions such as creating, opening, saving files, and so on according to the displayed menu.
Stage is the rectangular area is a place to create an object.
Toolbox contains a menu to create or draw shapes, giving coloring, etc.
Color palette can contain colors that are used for coloring objects in Adobe Illustrator CS-2.
Properties object contains information about the object among other objects coordinates, rotation, fill, stroke, width, height, etc.
Layer Properties contains layers where the object is located (the same as in potoshop).
Pathfinder works for triming objects, combine two objects into one wakes up, etc.

design a business card in illustrator


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