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How to do automatic editing (batch processing) in photoshop

Updated on December 27, 2012

Batch processing in photoshop allows the user to edit hundreds of photos automatically, and with minimal effort. It can be used for editing photos destined for a timelapse, and therefore means the user does not have to spend hours in front of the computer screen, trying to edit each photo exactly with exactly the same settings.

The following tutorial is an easy to follow guide of how to edit, record and subsequently batch process the required photos.

Step 1

  • Save your photos into a file on your desktop and name is "photos original"
  • Make another file on your desktop and name it "photos edited"
  • Open Photoshop

  • Select the first photo of your sequence of photos that you wish to edit

Step 2 - Record the editing in photoshop

  • Once you have opened the first photo in your sequence of photos, select Window>Action (or ALT + F9)
  • Select "new action"

  • Name your new action "Editing for photos"
  • Click "record"

Step 2 - Edit your photo

  • Edit your photo as you would normally, for example - cropping, adjusting light and colour levels.
  • Press the stop button on the actions palette

Step 3 - Batch process all of your images

  • Select File>Automate>Batch
  • When the batch window appears,select the same settings as the example shown below:

  • Click "ok"
  • Your photos should now start automatically batch processing!


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