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How to draw Spiderman body outline

Updated on October 18, 2011

How to draw Spiderman

Ready to learn how to draw Spiderman? Hi Spiderman lovers and welcome to this tutorial dedicated to the friendly Superhero! I know you are excited and you want to start but let me tell you what you are going to learn if you follow the following instructions.

Drawing Spiderman means basically been able to draw a human male with an appropriate costume (putting aside for a while the fancy poses that spidey can show off). I will assume that you can reasonably draw a human character here and focus instead on drawing the costume which, honestly, can be a bit tricky if not tackled right.

Let's get started friends!

How to draw Spiderman - Set up the costume

In this tutorial I'll provide a generic silouette of a hero character and we'll progressively "clothe" it with the Spiderman costume. To download the silouette just "save the image as" using the right click of the mouse.

As you can see a basic shape I have drawn myself that you can actually use for other projects if you wish. The first thing we are going to do is defining the outline of Spiderman costume using a red line.

Ok really easy so far. One important, very important thing is that when you draw on the body, you should try to follow the shape of the body. See for example the two lines on the calf muscles.

They are not straight but curved, they follow the natural curvature of the leg at that particular angle and perspective. Same thing with the lines that define the chest portion of the costume and the forearm ones.

I will not repeat myself over and over but try t apply this rule to the next steps as well and you will draw an amazing looking costume. Do not follow it and the costume will look flat and weird looking. It will not fit the character.

How to draw Spiderman - drawing the web 01

Next step is defining the center of the web! If you have not noticed it, Spider's costume has a single web covering it that has its center exactly in the middle of the face. So you need to find the approximate center of the face and put a spot in it.

From there draw approximately 7 lines for each side of the face. I say approximately because there is no defined rule and various artist will use different number of lines and slightly different structure of the web. Done it? Let's move on then.

How to draw Spiderman - drawing the web 02

When you are done with the face I press you to move onto the chest, forearms and legs before refining the face. I know you could be tempted but please resist and continue expanding the web on the chest and limbs. This will help obtaining a more consistent drawing.

This might be a laborious part so take your time.

 When you draw the lines on the chest and limbs again try to follow the shape of the body. Moreover try to keep in mind that the rays of the web tend to diverge and do not run parallels. So from the eck try to make these rays diverge slightly. More on the next img.

 How to draw Spiderman - drawing the web 03

From the neck, first draw the radial part of the web and then draw the concentric circles. At this stage imagine being the neck the center of the web and draw the concentric circles from there. It's easier this way.

Take your time, it is important to do this job carefully if you want to achieve a good result.

Finished with the chest? Good! Time to do the same work on the head.

Start drawing concentric circles (well they are not exactly circles but you get the point) from the center of the web. Draw 3 - 4 circles at least and, again, try to follow the shape of the head.

At this point it can be useful to sketch in the eyes of Spiderman. I have used the green to show them clearly here but you do not need to draw them green. Keep them loose now, they will serve the purpose to be able to know where to "knit" the web! (I'll explain in a sec).

How to draw Spiderman - joining the nodes!

Now that you have an outline of the underlying structure of the web that covers Spidey's costume, it is time to actually give this undefined mesh the shape of a real web.

To do so you just need to join the nodes of the mesh that lie on the same circles with a curved line. Let me show how easy it is!

Stat from the first circle on the center of the face, just amongst the eyes and move from that on. Following the "mesh" structure draw short, curved lines connecting two nodes at a time; complete a circle and move to the subsequent one. You have to finish the whole body s take your time and I'll see you in a little while!

How to draw Spiderman - More joining!

See how cool it looks when you are done? It is worth the effort!

We are almost there my friend. Now I am going to apply a bit of red'n blue color to the old Spidey and the crucial stylized spider on the chest! Hold your breath and prepare to the final result!

How to draw Spiderman - complete the drawing

At this stage I have just filled Spiderman with the basic flat colors of the costume. Nothing fancy here. In the next step I will refine the eyes (still green at the moment) and add a bit of shadow.

This is just a detail of the head and chest with the final eyes and the stylized spider on the chest. Notice I have also added a bit of shadow to give the idea of the muscles underneath the costume and to define the shape of the nose under the mask.

And there you have the final result! Hope you liked this tutorial on how to draw Spiderman and stay tuned, more to come soon!

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      Michael r trejo 

      8 years ago

      Can you send me that picture spider-man please

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    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 

      11 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      Nice post. I've always struggled with the web design on Spider-Man's costume--especially from the side, where you see how the web conforms to the side of his head. Comic book artists change it over the years, also, in order to keep it modern and fresh. Thanks!


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