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How to draw a bath tub

Updated on December 6, 2012

Hi again guys! It's Shawnte with another interesting art tutorial coming your way! I'll actually be posting a couple more tutorials in a row right after this one! I've been on a roll for the past few days and although I haven't been posting new things every single day, I have certainly been drawing, planning and putting more hub material together!

Today, I will show you how to draw a cute and fun bath tub in 5 steps. It's not a very realistic tutorial hub but it's great for anyone who is just starting out in the field of art! Provided are hand drawn illustrations along with every step. Please enjoy!

Step 1

The first thing I am going to start off with this drawing is the tub itself. There are several different parts of the tub including the tub legs, faucet and drain holes. I'd like to start off with the main body of the bath tub first though.

Draw a shape similar to the example on the right. If you want a square shaped or a more oval shape to your tub, feel free to do so. This bath tub has a mixture of both. The front portion is round like an oval and the back is more rectangle shaped.

Step 2

Draw the base of the tub. The first part we drew was basically the opening or top of the tub where a person should sit in.

Step 3

Next, draw the rim of the bath tub. The rim or the edges go around the entire top portion of the bath tub. I added a little break portion on the inside portion of the tub.

Step 4

In this step, you will be drawing two parts. The legs of the bath tub as well as a tub faucet. You don't need to add handles to the faucet if you don't want to. Some tubs actually have the handles in the wall instead of directly on the tub. :)

Step 5

Lastly, I have added three little drain holes at the back of the tub. More old fashioned bath tubs might have these. I added them so that it would look a little more stylish.

Well, that's all! I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. Sorry if it seemed a bit short. I wanted to focus on the main points of the sketch pretty much. Feel free to express your opinions down below. :)


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