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How To Draw A Cobweb With Quick Video Guide

Updated on August 1, 2011

How To Draw A Cobweb

 Drawing a cobweb design isn't at all hard, if you take into account the basic foundations of a web design. This drawing tutorial just takes into account what is possible, instead of going for realistic reasoning and realism, What looks good is best in my honest opinion!

In the following drawing tutorial you will see the beginning constructions of a cobweb and this is generally how you could approach the way a cobweb is drawn on the paper, but do bear in mind that a cobweb can look different to any other cobweb, just take a look at real spider webs to see. Some spiders do the traditional hexagonal spiderweb that they almost hang in between to corners of a wall, but then they also could on another part of the same wall create a variation of that web which just fits into a corner and it could be a horizontal web.

You see, a Spider must set up a few different ways of catching some unsuspecting flies and insects in his any webs and drawing them is no different in their design.

The first step to drawing a spider web is the lines of the webs foundation which is sort of like the iron beams in a house, once these are laid in, the rest can be drawn in that much easier....

So here I've drawn in 7 lines all joining to the center and this will be our foundation for our cobweb.

Cobweb Drawing

Draw Cob Webs - Study This cobweb drawing.
Draw Cob Webs - Study This cobweb drawing.

Cobweb - First Line Sketch


Draw A Rough Outline Around The Lines For Your Web

A rough outline is then drawn around the outside of the outward lines like in the illustration below and so the next step is to draw the inner lines which you'll see how to do in the drawing video below. Also consider Spider web variations, look at real life Spider webs and see how some Spiders have made their webs, they are super easy to draw and really if you think about each web strand as an ink line that all inter connects.

Drawing Cobwebs


Drawing Cobwebs Quick Video Inspiration

Drawing Cobwebs you can see a couple of quick ideas on how to draw two possible cobwebs, I'm sure you can draw better cob webs with a little bit more time away from a camera. Try and think of dusty Spider webs and other things like broken Spider webs to try and add to whatever it is you are drawing like an old dusty room with years old cob webs.

Watch the drawing video for inspiration.

Drawing Cobwebs Drawing Video

How To Draw A Cobweb

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    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 6 years ago from Southern California, USA

      I personally like the cartoonish aspect of this cobweb. Nice write up and tutorial!