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How to draw a foot

Updated on November 28, 2012

Hi again everyone! Today's tutorial will be focusing on a little bit of human anatomy for a change. In this hub, you will be learning how to draw a semi-cartoony foot. Some people have quite a bit of trouble drawing feet, especially certain parts of the foot like the toes. The toes are always the hardest parts to draw because they are all different sizes.

I will be giving you a bit of insight on drawing a foot, more specifically toes, in this new tutorial. There are only 5 basic steps in this tutorial for you to follow. Be sure to have all of your drawing equipment present before proceeding to the first step.

Also, if you want add some color to your finished drawings, I definitely recommend using the follow programs if you're in to digital art. They both have free trials to try out. :)

Step 1

Draw the portion of the leg that sits just above the ankle. I mainly want to focus on the foot itself so I decided to leave out the legs pretty much.

Step 2

Draw all the way down to the heel of the foot, or the back portion. Also, you might want to draw the rest of the foot up until the point where you will reach the toes.

Step 3

The trick to the toe portion of the foot is the draw the toes from big to small, starting from the big toe to the small toe. all of the toes going across will basically be from big to small. You can look at a real foot to get a better idea of what I mean.

Step 4

After your toes are drawn in, be sure to draw the toenails in this next step.

Step 5

Lastly, draw a curve at the top of the toe which will represent the ankle. The shape is somewhat shaped like a 'C', but an incomplete one. At this point, you should have a foot that looks similar to the one shown here.Congratulations!

I hope you found this hub to be useful. Feel free to share this with your friends and family if you enjoyed it a lot. :)


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