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How To Draw A Predator Mask Step By Step With Drawing Videos

Updated on September 26, 2011

Draw A Predator Mask

Drawing a Predator mask can be quite tricky as learning to draw the face of the Predator too, so here we will draw the mask and study the face of a predator to see how to draw these cool alien hunters through the use of three separate drawing videos.

I remember first watching Predator and seeing the Predator make up right at the end of the movie and thinking that is one impressive piece of prosthetics and make up and the Predators afterwards in the Aliens Vs Predator movies looked not as good as the original by Stan Winston effects treatment. A Predators mask shapes the underneath aliens face quite well and it's a shape you have to remember for the mask design to look authentic.

The first drawing video below shows a starting sketch of the Predator's mask and it begins as an exploration to see if the drawing will work as I saw it using the reference photo at the end of this page. Sketching roughly like this is always a good idea at first as you can work out the drawing ready for the next steps of the drawing process.

The design of the Predator's mask on the face of it doesn't look at all complex, but there are small design challenges when it comes to placing the mask over a drawing of what it looks like underneath on a Predators face and some of them design elements are quite subtle on the face of the mask and that can be quite complicated for some beginner artists.

Beginning To Draw A Predator Mask Video 1 - First sketch Draft

Drawing A Predator's Mask - Next Sketching Steps

 Really, the next drawing steps are just to darken the pencil lines of your design and to make it look more like the photo. Refer back to your photo if you need to, study it and only focus on the basic lines and shape of the mask as the details should come last.

It's a good idea at this stage to begin the shading to add some kind of depth to the mask as just simple pencil lines aren't going to cut it. Remember that the mask is supposed to look metallic which is difficult to draw with just pencils alone, but by adding in basic shading you create an artificial but effective metal look.

Draw A Predator Mask Video 2 - Adding Solid Pencil Lines

Predator Mask Drawing

 The final stages of the Predator mask drawing is spent finishing a lot of the shading and drawing in rough suggestions of the dreadlocks as the focus of this drawing walk through is the mask itself. Small details are also added like scratches and a scorch mark too.

Of course once you finish this drawing tutorial and do a search for Predator masks and Predator art to reference, you may find that not all masks and Predators faces look the same and that is true in the comics and in the movies.

Quite possibly your Predator mask drawing might not end there, you may decide to add color or scan your art into the PC or Mac and have a go at Photoshop editing which you can produce some really cool effects and add some great filters to your mask drawing.

Have a go at drawing a Predator's mask and see how it turns out!

Don't forget to watch the drawing video on Drawing a Predators Face below too.

Drawing A Predator's Mask Video 3 - Final Shading

Predator Mask Pencil Sketch

Predator mask sketch by Wayne Tully.
Predator mask sketch by Wayne Tully. | Source

How To Draw A Predator Face/Head

Drawing The Predator Mask - Reference Photo

Drawing a Predator mask.
Drawing a Predator mask. | Source

Drawing A Predator Mask

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    • profile image

      jennifer moe 5 years ago from Brooklyn center,mn

      My e.ts don't look like those.

      interesting though, thanks.

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Cheers now! yeah it is fun to draw lol!

    • banjodman profile image

      banjodman 6 years ago from Alabama

      Cool...More fun than drawing Arnold...:)

    • profile image

      Michel 6 years ago

      Thanks man u were very very helpful :D

      especially cs i didn't kno where to start :P

    • MPChris profile image

      MPChris 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I don't know why, but the sound of pencil on paper always makes me cringe.

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Thanks dilipchandra12!

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      Thanks Robert! Coming up will be the full Predator figure which will culminate in a new wave of drawing tutorials that will incorporate better sound and picture quality with my new Kodak zi8 HD camera.

    • dilipchandra12 profile image

      Dilip Chandra 6 years ago from India

      awesome, very helpful tutorial.

    • robertsloan2 profile image

      robertsloan2 6 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      Excellent tutorial, Wayne. A point for beginners following this tutorial. Pay attention to the way he follows the lines in the reference photo. This will give perspective and make the mask three dimensional.