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How To Draw A Pirate Treasure Map

Updated on January 12, 2012

How To Draw A Treasure Map With Drawing Video Tutorials

Drawing a treasure map is one of the best memories I have of when I was a kid, at school we would draw our treasure maps along with pictures of pirates and then the teacher would say right everyone time to put our treasure maps in the oven and I remember thinking eh?, What? absurd! Ridiculous and crazy!

But it was to age the maps you see, we would take an egg brush and brush on some milk, so that the whole treasure map was covered and we was very careful not to rip the paper as we carried it to the kitchen ovens and cooked it for a few minutes until crispy brown and yellow. I remember there was tears as one boy left it in too long and ended up with a frazzled treasure map that looked like burnt offerings to Satan or something.

I don't know what happened to my treasure map over the years, but the memory of creating it is still as vibrant. So I thought hey why not create a video on how to draw a treasure map with a view to coloring it and aging it again, just to create something creative and crafty.

So far I've gotten to two videos, the first one is drawing the actual treasure map as a sketch and drawing in the main elements I wanted to include (remember your map can be bigger and can include more stuff!!) and the beginning sketch serves as a run through as the second video deals with the inking stage where I can add more to the treasure map like the permanent ink lines that make up the places on the map.

The two drawing videos went quite well, but after inking the map I suddenly thought oh dear, when it comes to the aging stage the maps ink will run as I used a regular gel ink pen that is prone to runs and smudging when wet, so I will have to get the lightbox out for the final aging of the treasure map, so that it won't run and ruin the map. Will test this out as I do want to complete this craft process as another hub, which will incorporate the coloring stage and the aging process of the map, should be fun and hopefully will turn out great!

Watch the two drawing videos below to get inspired to draw your own treasure maps.....

Drawing A Treasure Map Drawing Video Part One

Draw A Treasure Map Art Video Part Two

Drawing A Treasure Map - Final Map Art

Final inked drawing of the treasure map Copyright Wayne Tully.
Final inked drawing of the treasure map Copyright Wayne Tully. | Source

Drawing Fantasy Art Cool Stuff

Wayne Tully draws and creates lots of drawing video tutorials for you to become inspired with drawing from your own imagination right on his blog at How To Draw Fantasy Art

Drawing A Treasure Map

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    • AaronBurton profile image

      Aaron Burton 3 years ago from US

      Very cool !