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How To Draw Cartoon Art

Updated on March 28, 2012

Drawing Cartoon Art

Cartoon art is a simplified art form and it can be displayed through a range of many different art styles, from Manga to the more traditional Disney style and it's the snapshot of these art styles that we can study and learn how to really draw cartoon art. What is typical in the many cartoon worlds is that Animals and creatures play a large part in being cartoonized and so I have put together a few step by step drawing videos which show you how to draw some general examples of cartoon Animals.

The first one below is the first one I drew and that was of a Cartoon Cat which turned out quite well and is a step by step drawing tutorial which you can follow for inspiration and the best thing is I've broken this up into multiple steps which you can pause anytime to follow drawing this cartoon.

How To Draw A Cartoon Cat Video

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog

Drawing a Cartoon Dog is also a step by step drawing video tutorial with illustrations that you can really follow. As usual the drawing video gives you some pointers to approach the process of drawing a cartoon Dog and with no audio to distract you which makes it easier to focus and try and draw something like this.

In the video you can see the early sketching process and then the coloring method with some budget friendly Crayola Twistable pencils which I use quite a lot lately and I think it's a good idea to lay out as many steps as it takes particularly as I've often heard back off some people who find it hard to follow some of my more advanced drawing videos in which they still find them inspirational but sometimes frustrating to try and draw and so that's why these new videos came about.

Watch how to draw a cartoon Dog....

How To Draw A Cartoon Dog Video

How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant

Drawing a cartoon Elephant is another straight forward step by step drawing video which you can follow or use as inspiration to draw your very own Cartoon Elephant design. When drawing cartoon artstyle musn't incorporate lots of huge details, but it should convey a simplistic design that can be drawn with minimal detail.

Watch drawing a Cartoon Elephant....

How To Draw A Cartoon Elephant Video

Draw A Cartoon Dragon

Sometimes drawing a Cartoon Dragon without wings but with huge feet seems to make me chuckle and that's my reasoning behind drawing this Dragon the way I did. They amuse me and you can potentially draw them anyway you want big or small and any color. I chose the classic Green color for this drawing video tutorial/demonstration which was also colored with Crayola Twistable pencils.

What's important is that this and the other videos presented on this page are basic and drawn in a cartoon style that is easy to emulate and follow with enough cartoon inspired artwork that will give you kick start in drawing this type of art.

Watch how to draw a Cartoon Dragon....

How To Draw A Cartoon Dragon Video

Try Drawing Simple Cartoon Art

Simplistic cartoon art can be easier to draw if you see a few examples so watch all the videos above and then also take a look at how to draw a cartoon crocodile which has step by step photos of drawing a possible Cartoon Croc.

Just have fun drawing and your cartoon art style will emerge the more you practice drawing.

Draw Cartoon Art

How to draw cartoon art. Art Copyright Wayne Tully 2012.
How to draw cartoon art. Art Copyright Wayne Tully 2012.

Draw Cartoon Art

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    • Wayne Tully profile image

      Wayne Tully 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thanks! I just love drawing....

    • Enelle Lamb profile image

      Enelle Lamb 5 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      Great tutorial

    • shalycriston profile image

      Shaly Criston 5 years ago from USA

      Very nicely created. Great work, thanks to share.

    • Shawnte87 profile image

      Shawnte 5 years ago

      Cute! ^^

    • Wayne Tully profile image

      Wayne Tully 5 years ago from United Kingdom

      Cheers now!

    • iiimusicfreak27 profile image

      Stephanie Rivera-Rios 5 years ago

      That's adorable. Thank you for sharing, great hub!:)