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How To Draw Halloween Masks

Updated on February 18, 2013

Drawing Halloween Masks

Drawing Halloween mask ideas has always been a lot of fun for me personally. So I thought I would go through the creative process of sketching up some cool ideas for Halloween by drawing some classic ideas mixed with inspirational concepts that you may not find anywhere else.

Obviously, you will need a good HB or 2B pencil for sketching. A good set of ink pens with varying tip sizes for thin and thicker ink lines. And a good sketch pad, ideally with quality cartridge paper which has some tooth for the Prismacolor color pencils or Crayola range of colored pencils.

Always when drawing a mask idea I draw a standard oval shape which is the simple way of establishing a head shape to work from and build on your drawing. The shape of the oval depends entirely on what type of head or mask you are drawing. Experiment with the initial head shape and see what you can come up with.

Below, I have drawn a Zombies head from beginning sketch through inked drawing to final colored mask concept. So to begin with, watch the video below to give you an idea on the drawing process.

How To Draw A Zombie Halloween Mask

How To Draw A Mummy Mask Design

A Mummy mask design is a classic mask for Halloween as I have seen variations on this mask idea. This is fairly basic with the bandages on the head giving way for the mouth to be open showing it's rotten teeth. Still it looks quite evil and scary looking and the final colors could have done with something more, but it's a cool concept and one you could try and draw yourself.

Drawing A Mummy Halloween Mask

Marikandi Sparakandi Draws A Demon Mask For Halloween

Marakandi Sparakandi draws a nice Demonic Halloween mask for Hallows eve. He draws the head of a demon and makes it quite colorful which is always a good thing. I would have hired a translator for Marakandi, but I thought that would be insulting.

Don't forget to see the draft sketches below this demon drawing video for more insights into sketching some Demon Head designs.

Drawing A Demonic Halloween Mask

Demon Mask Head Sketches

Click thumbnail to view full-size
A Demon head design based on the Predator creature. I started to ink the mask pencil sketch.A Human Demon hybrid mask design for Halloween.Classic Demon drawing with long curly tongue.Uneven teeth helps create a fun Demonic design for this mask design.
A Demon head design based on the Predator creature. I started to ink the mask pencil sketch.
A Demon head design based on the Predator creature. I started to ink the mask pencil sketch.
A Human Demon hybrid mask design for Halloween.
A Human Demon hybrid mask design for Halloween.
Classic Demon drawing with long curly tongue.
Classic Demon drawing with long curly tongue.
Uneven teeth helps create a fun Demonic design for this mask design.
Uneven teeth helps create a fun Demonic design for this mask design.

Drawing Frankensteins Mask For Halloween

Drawing Frankenstein Halloween Mask

Drawing this Frankenstein design for a Halloween mask I tried to go for the classic look of Boris Karloff's Frankenstein with a few extra wrinkles here and there. The basic pencil drawing and the finished ink version is the retro look for the classic movie monster. Note the classic bolts on the neck and the square shaped forehead with scar. It's little details like this that can help make your designs more funky.

How To Draw A Werewolf Halloween Mask

Werewolf masks are popular and drawing the classic werewolf design is always fun. Instead of opting for the classic Wolf man design I have tried to do a proper Wolf mask design in which there is more hair and something more Wolf like about the head structure. The coloring was a simplistic use of Black and White Prismacolor pencils which created a nice muted Grey tone to the finished piece.

The drawing video is over 45 minutes long, so please make yourself a nice drink of whatever you like and just feel the inspiration. Then try and draw a Wolf mask for yourself. You may find it fun!

Werewolf Mask Drawing

How To Draw Skeleton Warrior Halloween Mask Design

This is my own personal favorite. Mainly because I don't draw Skeleton Warriors that often which I should. The idea for this drawing video came from a request and also me doing a search for ideas. Skeleton Warriors I always thought they looked cool and the idea that the Undead do battle with the living and they can wear cool looking Warrior armor (in this case a Warriors helmet!)

You can follow the full video of me drawing the skull design and inking and coloring it below.

Skeleton Warrior Mask Design

Drawing Halloween Masks

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