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How to draw spongebob squarepants part 2

Updated on September 26, 2012

The excited pose

This is the picture we will be attempting to draw.
This is the picture we will be attempting to draw.

how to draw Spongebob Squarepants Part 2

 In the first hub, part 1, I showed you how to draw Spongebob is a regualr standing position. Now I will show you how to draw him in an excited position. This time I will go quicker, and leave out some basic parts. Like the breaking up of drawing his wavy body, that will be just one step this time, but you know what to do from part 1.

Step 1-7

His eyes and nose
His eyes and nose
His upper lip
His upper lip
His teeth
His teeth
His mouth
His mouth
His body shape
His body shape
His tie
His tie

Steps 1-7

Step 1: Drawing the eyes is the same steps in part 1. Just draw a circle and to the left of it draw a circle attached. Inside draw a smaller circle in each eye and then an even smaller black circle for the pupil. Don't forget the three eyelashes above each eye.

Step 2: Now for the nose, it's similar to the nose in part 1. Just draw a curved line to the left from the center below the eyes. Then round the tip and curve it under and back to the starting point.

Step 3: The mouth is fairly simple. From the nose draw a downward line to the left. The to the right draw a curve back to the right eye and end it underneath the eye. Add a small line perpendicular to the smile line.

Step 4: At the end of his smile add a reverse C shape over the line. This will be his cheek. So add in three little dots in a trianlge form for his freckels. Now for the teeth. Just draw two rectangles hanging down from his upper lip. Make the bottom edge slightly rounded.

Step 5: Now for the rest of his mouth. Starting fromo his cheek, draw a deep curved line down and to the left. Then even it out and then curve upwards towards the left tooth. His tongue is east. Draw a round line and then make a hump and draw a second round line. Don't forget the slip in the tongue in between the humps. Also underneath his mouth draw an upward curved line to form his chin.

Step 6: For his body we are going to do the same thing we did in part one. Just draw a square frame around his face. And then a square frame under that for his shirt and shorts.

Step 7: To draw the tie do the same as part 1. Draw a downward trianlge from the center of his shirt. Then a diamond shape from the tip of that. On the sides draw two small triangles with the out lines slightly rounded.

Steps 8-14

His belt
His belt
His wavy body
His wavy body
His right arm
His right arm
His left arm
His left arm
His left leg
His left leg
His right leg
His right leg
His pores. Then make any changes
His pores. Then make any changes

Steps 8-14

Step 8: To make his belt is simple. Just draw two rectangle blocks on either side of his tie. Draw a half a block on the side of his tie and on the other draw another half a block. This is so it looks like the belt loop is under his tie. On his side, also draw a block, with the same angle as the body border.

Step 9: Now to draw his wavy body. In part 1 I showed you how to draw the wavy body, by erasing one line at a time and replacing it with the wavy border. Do the same here in this step. Do not attempt to draw his whole body wavy at once. It will get messy around the corners. So take a part each line one by one and replace it with a wavy body border.

Step 10: His right arm I would say is easier then it was in part 1. Draw his sleeve on his side body, it's a rounded cone shape. Inside the sleeve draw two straight lines comng out at a downward angle to the right. Off of that draw the hands. Draw three individual fingers and a thumb.

Step 11: His left arm is not as simple as it was in part 1. This time draw his sleeve coming out the side of his body, NOT facing down. Then draw two curved lines to the left. Off of that draw his hands. And a little line in his palm.

Step 12: His legs are pretty much the same as they were in part one but at an angle. Draw his shorts coming down off his upper shorts. Then at a slight angle to the left draw to parallel lines down. Add his shoe the same way in part 1.

Step 13: Repeat the same as step 12. The only difference is the angle will be down and to the right. Also his shoe is facing right not left. But it's the same way you would draw his shoe just backwards.

Step 14: Adding his pores is easy. He has a big pore in his bottom left side with a smaller pore just above that. In his top left corner he has a small pore. His top right corner has a big pore and below that is a small pore. His bottom right has a big pore and a smaller pore above that. His side has four pores. From top to bottom it goes, big pore, small pore, big pore, small pore.

After you have added his pores you can make any adjustments and changes you need to make, to make sure he looks as close to the picture as possible.

Congratulations on successfully drawing Spongebob Sqaurepants in an excited pose. Now go show your kids!

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    • PADDYBOY60 profile image


      7 years ago from Centreville Michigan

      That was lots of fun. Thanks heaps.

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      7 years ago

      fab lol

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      DOUBLE K 

      9 years ago



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