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How to hand crochet a halter top

Updated on May 7, 2015

Festival Halter

Picking Your Yarn

Your first step is to decide what color you want. I found that 100% cotton works the best. It's machine washable and dry able. It also holds together well to keep your girls supported.

Where do you find yarn?

Walmart, Joann Fabrics, or any craft store will carry yarn. Visit multiple stores to compare prices and each store has a different varieties. I also like to use coupons or watch for sales.

Ready, set crochet!

You first step is to measure directly under your breasts firmly and tightly. Then you want to make a slipknot. I use a crochet needle 5mm. Then you start to chain the amount you want to cover In front.

Crochet another row and repeat until you get the desired thickness. I normally do 6 to 8 rows.

Crochet half of halter

Secondly, you will start your first breast. Start to chain the width that you want the bottom. For example, a B cup would be 4 inches, C cup would be 5 inches and so on. Crochet the next 4 rows the same. Then each row you will skip the first hole and continue until you are halfway up.

The next step is to crochet 3 and skip 1. Do this for two rows.

Lastly, you crochet 2 and skip 1. Do this until you reach the top. Double crochet in the center to make your neck ties. Tie them off and now start the other breast.

Crochet your band

You need to measure the area under your breasts around until you reach the area you want covered. Just start to crochet your single chain to reach this length. I like to do about 5 to 6 rows. It is basically up to you how much coverage you want. Now you are finished with the band.

"My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was a child, forty years later, I''m using that skill. ❤️

— Donna Cozzi

Assemble them all together

So know you have three pieces of your halter, all you need to do is sew them together by simply lining the cups where you want them located on your band. You can mark them with a bobby pin so you do not sew them in the wrong place. Simple sew them together using your yarn and crochet hook.

Be creative

You can make so many different tops, using different colors and shapes. Be creative. I went on YouTube and watched a demo on how to crochet a festival top and foundmany different ways to accomplish the look I wanted. The best way to get the look you want is to practice over and over. The beauty of crocheting is if you mess up you can always unravel and start again. I played around at 8 times before I achieved the look I wanted. So don't give up!

Keep on hooking!!!! It is so fun. You can make your friends one they will love you forever.

Festival top looks great with Kimona and high waisted jean shorts

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  • Donzi40something profile image

    D J Cozzi 2 years ago from Chicago, Il

    Thanks Susan! Oh , no way will I be wearing these.

    It's interesting how certain fashion seem to com back.

  • SusanDeppner profile image

    Susan Deppner 2 years ago from Arkansas USA

    Love this pattern! I used to crochet similar halter tops when I was young and had the figure to wear them. :) Not brave enough (or young enough) anymore. Thanks for the memories!