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How to keep flower arrangements fresh

Updated on October 2, 2012


Most people when they receive flowers love them but they tend to forget about them. Flowers need care like everything else in this world. Every flower has a different life span.The longer lasting flowers like carnations, daisies, mums and greenery last the longest. Delicate flowers like lilies, roses, and Calla lilies have a shorter life span than most other flowers. But this does not mean that you can not enjoy all your flowers for a longer time. On a average most people probably get 4 to 5 days, maybe a week until there flowers are dead. This is because most people do not know how to care for each flower differently. In most cases it is rather easier to just put the flowers in a vase and let them sit. But like everything else flowers cost money and the price of flowers are not as cheap as they use to be.

Flower arrranments

When we receive a flower arrangement it could be in many different forms. What I mean by this is that these flowers could be in a form of wrapped bouquet, vase arrangement, basket arrangement, wedding bouquet, or a corsage and boutineer. Now each one of these forms need to be addressed in a certain way to make sure your flowers are kept as fresh as possible. Also depending on the arrangement you have to understand each flower could die quicker than another.

keep my flowers looking like this!


When putting a bouquet that you just received into a vase you have understand that these flowers have been sitting out of water for a while. Flowers need to be freshly cut every time they have been out of water for then 10 minutes. Most people would cut them with a clippers or scissor but this is a wrong technique. The proper way to cut any flower is with a sharp straight edge knife on a 45 degree angle. This provides the flowers with a clean edge to drink water. When a flower has been out of water for a while it is also better to add warm water to the vase rather than cold water because this will cause the flower to drink water at a faster rate. Vase arrangements are a similar process to a bouquet. Depending on how long these flowers have been sitting in there water it is always a good idea to replace with new water and re cut the flowers. Make sure to put flowers in a cool spot away from heat, sun, or a warm light. When flowers start to drupe and water is turning it is time now to remove flowers and change water. Add warm water to vase and now add floral packet that was provided with flowers. This will help flowers recuperate and start to perk back up. If you still see no difference in about two hours re cut again and add more warm water. If any arrangement contains roses these may need to be cut earlier to avoid damage to the rose.


Basket Arrangements are a little tricky for people that do not know how these arrangements are made. These arrangements are made into a sponge foam oasis. This foam is designed to soak up water and keep it in a sponge like form block. This makes it easier for florist to design basket and other arrangements. The down side to this for is that this foam tends to dry out rather quickly. When you first receive and arrangement that is in a oasis foam you will need to make sure that this is filled with water to the max to avoid drying out. This oasis will dry out because when flowers are first of a refrigerator the need to consume water is immediate. The oasis sponge is not as good as direct water but it does work. These flowers will drink most of the water that is in this oasis and it is crucial that you add water to your arrangement the next day. Some flowers you have to be careful with because they do not hold up as well in a oasis block. These flowers will need to be cared for more frequently. The best way to keep your basket arrangement in good condition is to remove and re cut delicate flowers. Also make sure to keep plenty of water in the arrangement, and keep in a cool place.


Caring for a wedding bouquet is rather difficult because a majority of bouquets are out of water. The best way to keep your bouquet fresh is to use a spray bottle to spray with fresh cold water. Try to refrigerate until needed. If possible try to stay in air condition areas. Depending on your wedding date it is advised to to get a wedding bouquet in a oasis holder in the warmer months. Cooler months are better off with a bouquet that is out of water because the temperature will make a difference on how your flowers last.

I hope the information I have provided for you will make a difference on how you keep your floral arrangements. Remember water is a flowers best friend


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