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How to knit like a pro

Updated on September 24, 2010

Why should I knit?

I'm not a true Buddhist, but I do find certain activities to be very "zen" in the way that I understand that word. Being out in the middle of the woods with no one else is around is zen. Kayaking down a calm river is zen. Knitting is also zen. You can put all of your focus into one simple activity. Once you get really good at knitting it'll come as naturally to you as breathing. When that happens, you'll have to find something else to combine with it to reach zen, because you'll find that you can become distracting while knitting. Perhaps you could knit while kayaking. I have a feeling ESPN will make that an X Games event pretty soon.

How do I knit?

I'll admit, I just started out knitting recently. I'm sort of self-taught, so I don't know a lot of the terminology and slang that is popular with the knitting gangs out there, like the Granny Crips and the Ol' Lady Latin Kings. I just know that you shouldn't knit with the wrong colors or you'll end up with a turf war between dozens of medicare recipients. I've included several videos that hopefully will get you started with knitting. Invest in a knitting book or two, but make sure you're trying it out as you learn, because learning how to do a hands on activity from the pages of a book is somewhat of a fruitless activity, in my humble opinion.

The basics of knitting explained in 6 minutes

Every how to knitting video is about 6 minutes long

Knitting with 1000 strands at the same time - don't attempt this


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    • profile image

      paxwill 7 years ago

      I remember long ago trying to learn this from books with step by step pictures. But a knitting video is worth a thousand knitting books, that's for sure.