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How to look slimmer and better on camera.

Updated on May 13, 2012

A lot of people hate to take pictures because they often make us look fat and somehow seem to capture unglamorous sides of ourselves. I was one of them and I avoided photo-taking like a plague until I discovered some tricks that actually made me look slimmer and prettier in pictures. This changed my life and made me desire to be in front of the camera for once, instead of hiding behind the lenses. In this article, I am going to share with you these tricks which I discovered that will enhance the way you look in pictures.

Tip 1: Stand Behind

Everything in life is about relativity. A person looks shorter than in reality if he is standing beside an extremely tall person. A person will look fatter if he stands beside a skinnier one. Likewise, distances from the lenses make a difference. The closer you are to the camera, the bigger you look and worse, if you have someone smaller sized than you and standing right behind you, it is going to make you look much larger than your actual size.

When you are in a large group of people, strategize your position. Do not fight for the forward position, in fact, arrange for yourself to stand slightly behind somebody. This way, you can make use of the depth of perception from the camera lenses and in relative look smaller than the person standing in front of you.

What I love about this trick is that if you have some extra pounds that you wish to hide, you can just block part of your body with the person that you are taking a picture with. This way, the unglamorous parts are elegantly omitted from the photographs.

Of course if you're alone, try your best not to stand too close to the camera and do apply the next few tips to slim down the captured silhouette.

Tip 2: It is all about the lines and angles

When we see angles and lines in a picture, our minds tend to interpret it as slimmer and more sculpted. Angled jawbone, angled clavicles, angled arms etc. Think of ways that you can create or bring out these lines in pictures.

For example, I have a relatively sharper jawline. I would tilt my head to the side to accentuate these lines and allow the camera to capture them. This also helps to hide my double chin and makes me look more chiseled. I catch people's attention with these sharp lines on my face and detract them from the other soft parts like my flabby tummy.

My arms are also not the most toned parts of my body, think byebye arms. However, I have mastered the trick of making them look slim by pushing my shoulder forward and elongating the upper arm area.

One homework for you to do today is to stand in front of the mirror and try out different poses to see which ones work best for you. Hand on hips, left leg crossed over right, tilting head to your left, twisting body slightly to your right. Work those angles.

We all have parts of our body that can create these angles, our job is to discover them and allow them to be captured on camera. For the not too flattering parts, we also need to be aware of them and hide them whenever possible either through a certain standing pose, or making a point to stand slightly behind a prop everytime you take a picture.

Tip 3: Snapping from top to down.

Request for your photographer to take pictures from top to down instead of from below as pictures taken from below up actually adds a lot of unnecessary additional weight. Request for them to raise their cameras and snap in a downwards angle. You will notice that pictures taken in this manner turns out slimmer usually.

Tip 4: Take more and select the best

With almost everyone using digital cameras these days, you actually have the luxury of taking a lot of photos and selecting the best ones amongst the rest. I have this running philosophy that if you take enough pictures, eventually one will turn out really nice and good.

Hence my tip is to take a lot of photographs and select the thinnest and best looking ones for display.


These are the top 4 tips that I always utilise in my picture taking, on the spot tricks that will increase the chances of looking slimmer and better in pictures. I would like to end off this article with a little funny video that is kind of related to the topic of looking better in pictures. Enjoy :)


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