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How to make Candy Bouquets

Updated on May 12, 2011

How to make Candy Bouquets

Candy bouquets are a wonderful gift that’s fit for many occasions- a fitting present to your loved ones need not necessarily be expensive, yet shows a touch of personality and creativeness. Candy bouquets are a perfect alternative to flowers especially in certain situations that flowers aren’t appropriate, i.e; in case of allergy of the reciever. Candy bouquets are sold in many confection stores, and shops dedicated to making one. But if you opt to take the commercial side out of your bouquet and prefer the do-it yourself style in having one, you can perfectly do so. Making your own candy bouquet at home is fairly simple. With the right materials and a spark of intensely high glucose creativity, you will be able to make your very own home made candy bouquet.

What you’ll need:


Personalized mug or basket


Ribbons (Different colors)

Plastic flowers

Printed metallic papers/ Colored cellophanes


Floral picks

Mylar spray

Tape/ glue gun


1. Decide the theme of your candy bouquet, and skillfully match the colors of the candies and the metallic paper. Gather all the materials. Cut the desired length of the floral picks to attain a slope (you do not want your candies to be all at the same height). Attach one end of the candies to the floral picks. Do this procedure until all the candies are tied to the floral picks.

2. Choose a container. A personalized mug or a small basket will do. If you prefer a mug, choose a mug which has a wider base in order to stabilize your candy bouquet. If you’re making your bouquet with basket, same thing applies. Choose the base that can hold your candies and will not easily topple. Decorate your container by painting on it, or by putting beads on.

3. If your container is ready, insert a block of Styrofoam in it. You may add some stones to weigh down the bouquet. Attach the candies to the Styrofoam by pinning the end of the floral pick to the Styrofoam. Do this until all the candies are now perfectly attached to the container.

4. Make a bow from the ribbons. Make sure the colors of the ribbons complement those of the candy wrappers. Using the glue gun, paste the bows into a floral pick and insert it nicely onto the Styrofoam block. Do the same with the Mylar spray for your bouquet to look fully bloomed. If you prefer to put a flower, you can definitely do so. You can choose whether a fresh or a plastic flower depending on the situation.

Now you’ve finished making your own personally made candy bouquet for your loved ones. Making projects like this enhances your creativity, and also strengthens the family bond if you’re doing it with your children. A perfect gift for a fitting occasion need not necessarily be branded as some would want it to be, but a simple yet heartwarmingly made crafts like your candy bouquet speaks a lot of emotions. Just make sure the insulin is always ready.


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    • Chatkath profile image

      Kathy 6 years ago from California

      This is such a great idea! My niece will love it - not sure about her Mom but she already thinks of me as the Aunt with the candy since I love most sweets and always have on hand! I will use my glue gun and put one of these together with her favorites! Great Hub!