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How to Make Fairy Bottles Tutorial

Updated on March 15, 2018
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Niina is an artist and illustrator who has a soft spot for mermaids, fairies and dragons.

Fairy Magic To Your Home

Weather you are having a fairy themed birthday party or just wish to bring little magic to your home these magical fairy bottles are going to make gorgeous eye-catchers.


2 Glass bottles

shimmering acrylic paint



fairy lights

Painting the bottles

I chose two bottles that have wide open neck so that I can fit all the fairy lights inside. First paint the bottles with a sponge that is dipped into acrylic paint. I used shimmering acrylic paints. Other bottle is going to be pink and the other one is going to be purple. Naturally pink bottle is going to have pink fairy lights and purple one will have purple fairy lights.

Remember to wash your sponge between painting so that the colors wont get smudged.

Fairy Lights

Let the paint dry about half-an hour and then fill bottles with fairy lights.

Ribbons and Decorations

You can take this tutorial step further and decorate your bottles with stickers, flowers and ribbons.

Your fairy bottles are all done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

How To Make Fairy Bottles Tutorial


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