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How to make a butterfly clock from paper

Updated on March 7, 2016

Butterfly wall decal

I made this one at home. Forgot one butterfly though, lol don't think anyone noticed. Lol
I made this one at home. Forgot one butterfly though, lol don't think anyone noticed. Lol | Source

DIY paper butterflies clock wall decal

Why waste money on buying wall decals when you can have fun making them at home with your little ones.

There are so many things you can do with just a little imagination. Let me show you how to easily make your own butterflies clock wall decal

So go dive into your stationery draw and let's get started.

Things you will need for wall decal

1. Plain or colored paper of your choice. (I used plain white copying paper)

2. If your using plain white paper you would need water colors, colored pencils or markers. ( I used markers)

3. Pair of scissors

4. Scotch tape or two sided tape ( I used clear scotch tape)

5. Picture or template of different butterflies (for those who can't draw well) or you can use one butterfly pattern of your choice.

6. Foil

7. Old shoe box or bristol board

Getting started

a) Take a sheet of your paper and trace or draw your butterflies. You would need a large or medium sized butterfly for your #12, #6, #3 and #9 of your clock and smaller ones for the rest. You can do them in one color or several colors of your choice.

b) After you have drawn or traced all 12 butterflies. Cut your butterflies out and set them aside. ( If you are using plain paper you can get your little one to color in the butterlies before you begin cutting them out). The more colors the better.

c) Use your old shoe box cover or bristol board and cut a circle the size of a bottle cork, small or larger depending on the size of clock your making. Draw two 1inch wide arrows and cut one length shorter than the other to use as your clocks hands.

d) Next, using the foil. Cover the circle and your two arrows. You shouldn't need to glue them down because foil wraps and stays around just about anything. Smooth out your foil so it looks neat and professional.

Creating your butterfly clock wall decal

After you have prepared your butterflies and your clock's hands and center.

Locate where on your wall you want your clock to be displayed.

Start at the top #12, cut a small piece of tape and place behind the center of your butterfly and not on the wings. Work your way around into a circle leaving finger spaces between each butterfly.

After you have formed your circle, put a piece of tape behind the foil wrapped circle and place in the center of the butterflies.

Using the two foiled wrapped arrows, stick them close to the foil wrapped circle at whatever time you of your choice.

Press your butterflies, center and hands against the wall, so they won't fall off easily.

Take the wings of your butterflies and pull them up away from the wall, so they appear to be on flight. You can do one side or both side of the wings.

And your done. Your finished butterfly wall decal project without the cost.

Add more to your clock

You can add butterflies just about anywhere. I added to my bedroom ceiling
You can add butterflies just about anywhere. I added to my bedroom ceiling | Source
I ran a flight of butterflies from the living room to my bedroom ceiling.
I ran a flight of butterflies from the living room to my bedroom ceiling. | Source

If you can think it you can do it

Have fun with this easy diy project with your little ones or just by yourself. Teach them to your students and more.

Make anything you can think of with easy steps anyone can follow.


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    • Aroosa Hermosa profile image

      Aroosa Hermosa 

      2 years ago from Islamabad, Pakistan

      Great idea.


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