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How to make a tennis bracelet

Updated on January 12, 2011


How to make your own tennis bracelet jewellery


Jewellery is timeless and continues to be reinvented in every era, from the 50's 60's 70's to the 80's, we have always loved to accessorize. In modern times we have even learnt how to recreate our jewellery pieces to suit our personal style and tastes.


Sociable. Organising small house parties to make jewellery, gives you the chance to be creative and organise them around a social theme, NOT SELLING. Friends and guest will buy other pieces you already made if thats what you like to do to earn extra income. Of course this may not be ideal for elaborate unique pieces, but the simple yet fashionable pieces like bracelets and plunging necklaces.

Part Time income. Simple pieces that are elegant unusual high quality will easily sell for $20-$50. Just make sure they are profitable, but can be done. So if you make only 10 pieces a month for an average of $40, thats of course $400 easy, minus your expenses.

Family Time. This is so much fun making beautiful pieces with the kids. Doesnt matter how busy you are, when you have made a date with the family to make some jewellery this weekend, you know you have invested quality time that really matters.

Creativity. You will love the feeling you get when the compliments start coming on how stunning the jewellery you're wearing is, you will not resist quickly saying 'i made that', be prepared for orders on the spot, especially if you just do it as a hobby.


To make the one in the pic, you will need:

6 crystal blue diamond shape glass beads

20 freshwater pearls

Clear beading thread 0.3mm about 40cm

2 sterling silver/silver plated bead caps


lobster clasp sterling silver/silver plated

2 jumprings

Flat nose pliers

Round nose pliers

A pair of scissors


Step 1

Take the thread from one end and make a double knot, then place it into the bead cap, add a dab of glue, then close the bead cap, using the flat nose pliers. Give it a few minutes to dry, get some coffee, find your favourite radio channel and let it play in the background, you could even listen to the news.

Step 2

To secure it, make another double knot, before adding the first set of beads.

Step 3.

Now add 2 pearls stringing them together. Make a double knot.

Step 4.

Add crystal blue glass bead, make a double knot.

Step 5.

Repeat Step 3, adding 3 beads instead of 2 Add blue crystal bead, and repeat the steps

till you add the last 2 pearls at the end. Make a double knot. Add bead cap, make another double knot to place inside the bead cap, add drop of glue close bead cap. Cut off any extra thread

Add small jumprings to both ends of bead caps. Use round nose pliers to curve and turn the bead cap to make it ready to secure the jump ring.One jump ring for each bead cap.

Add the lobster claw clasp for closing off the jewellery,

You're done your very own handmade tennis bracelet jewellery and can now show it off. Simple yet elegant and a perfect gift anytime of the year.

You can buy all the pieces you need at great prices from various online shops like

beads direct in the uk, i buy lots from them they have so much choice its like a candy shop. Another i found theat am yet to use is bojanglebeads in London,

Another of my favourite in the states in the USA is firemountaingems,, i absolutely love this site, you even get a free catalogue for inspiration, its divine.

Have fun creating even more pieces for yourself and your loved ones


Copyright reserved. No part may be reproduced or copied in any format eelctronic or otherwise without my written permission.


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